Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

You are receiving this email as part of a bi-weekly internal email campaign that will include tips and tactics on representing NICHQ and supporting our brand. Save the emails for future reference and be an awesome NICHQ brand ambassador.
The NICHQ Brand and You

A brand is a promise to customers. A brand helps to define and explain what customers (in our case, funders, partners, project participants, website goers) get when they purchase or receive a service from NICHQ. It includes tangible items (e.g., a funder gets a project that meets specific objectives; website goers get a resource developed by experts) and the feelings that customers get when they use the service.

A brand is reflected in all interactions. Whether an email is returned immediately or not, whether the response tries to end a conversation or extend it, or if a voice answering the phone is welcoming or annoyed all leave an impression that factors into a customer's perception of the NICHQ brand. If a customer experiences even just one element that doesn’t fit into NICHQ's brand identity, it can damage the entire brand. Building a well-know, trusted brand is essential for NICHQ to be successful.

While we have defined what we want the NICHQ brand to be, it is ultimately reinforced by the experience our customers have. Every single one of us at NICHQ owns and influences the brand experience for those interacting with us. Read on to learn more.
Our Core Values

Our brand starts with our core values. They are:
  • We pursue shared goals with integrity and passion
  • We are bold, innovative thinkers and doers
  • We build strong and enduring relationships
  • We are exceptional listeners and nimble
When we live our core values, our customers and partners would use these terms when asked to describe NICHQ.

TO DO: Please print and tape these up near your computer to keep them front and center.
Our Brand Tone

The NICHQ personality, communication style, colors and fonts help to reinforce our core values. We describe our tone as:
  • Warm and engaging
  • Expert and authoritative
  • Action-oriented
  • Strong integrity and passion
TO DO: Take a quick look at the last five emails you had with an external person. Do they fit the NICHQ tone? What can you keep doing or change to be more in line with the NICHQ tone?
Tell Us What Challenges You

Are you confident that your actions reinforce and build up the NICHQ brand? Is there an area where you want more support? Please let us know by emailing Cindy.
Helpful Links and Templates
Keep these links handy for materials you are creating to make sure you stay on brand.

-Your Marketing and Digital Strategy Team
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