Subject: Be Your Best NICHQ Brand Ambassador

What Makes NICHQ Different From Partners and Competitors?

Chances are, at some point when you are talking about NICHQ, you'll get a follow-up question asking why is it better? Or, what makes it so different? When describing what makes NICHQ different, there are many answers you can give. Below are the big three we like to emphasize. Keep them handy and you'll feel prepared whenever you are talking about NICHQ.
A highly rigorous, yet flexible approach to systems change.

We have a change management approach that is flexible to meet partners where they are. We are not one size fits all. We adapt to all needs.
The use of evidence-based and data-driven strategies in program design.

We work with experts to identify high-lever drivers and change ideas that will measure impact. Even when work calls for innovation, it's grounded in promising strategies available in literature reviews.

A collaborative approach that brings stakeholders and uncommon partners to the table.

We're apolitical and broad-based in children's health topics, rather than hyper focused. This allows us to have expansive and non-threatening reach.

Convinced? Do you need more to help you speak confidently about NICHQ? Let us know. We are hear to help!

-Your Marketing and Digital Strategy Team 
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