Subject: Back to School, Back to Business

The beach bag has relinquished its residency by the front door to a brood of oversized, overstuffed backpacks. Not only are the kids back to school, it's back to business. As partners and stakeholders in your improvement project return from their summer vacations it's time to refocus and re-engage those in your work. Here's how.
Engage the Leader

Most people don't naturally embrace change, and that includes leaders. Statistically, about 70 percent of change programs fail. However, leadership engagement is one of the key predictors and a correlate of success. To generate buy-in for change, one needs to understand their leader's motivation and desire for the specific type of change targeted by the quality improvement work.
  • Personality: Is the leader sociable, precise, competitive?

  • Responses: Does the leader respond to information enthusiastically or cautiously?

  • Influence: Is the leader typically convinced by numbers or stories?

  • Reaction: Does the leader respond most to data, innovation, trends?
Find Your Framing

Even in cases when leaders are supportive and enthusiastic, the right tools and proper framing of the work can lead to higher engagement, which can results in a successful, long-term change. Watch this NICHQ webinar recording to learn more strategies to engage senior leaders in quality improvement work.
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