Subject: Are You Up for the Challenge? Brand Ambassador March Madness

You are receiving this email as part of a bi-weekly internal email campaign that will include tips and tactics on representing NICHQ and supporting our brand. Save the emails for future reference and be an awesome NICHQ brand ambassador.
NICHQ’s March Madness: The Ultimate Brand Ambassador Challenge!

This March, NICHQ's asking you to harness your competitive spirit and participate in a brand ambassador challenge. The ultimate goal is to work as a team and grow our mailing list. We'll give you the tools to get this done, but the most persistent team will come out on top! 

Keep reading to find out how it works. And remember, to the victors go the spoils! (You've got some pretty great options for prizes.)
How lt Works

1. On Feb. 27, you will receive an email that identifies your NICHQ teammates for the challenge. 

2. Each team will receive a separate email with a link with a tracking code that identifies your team. The more people who click on the link and sign up, the more points your team gets.

3. Through March, send this link to prospective subscribers and add a personal message explaining why you think they might want to join our mailing list. (Don't worry, we'll provide examples.)
*If you're concerned they might already be on our email list, check the NICHQ list in GetResponse, or ask the Digital Marketing and Strategy team to help. 

4. Consider sharing this link on social media asking for your network to subscribe as well. 
Your Team Shoots, Your Team Scores!

At the end of March, we will tally up the points. The team with the most new subscriptions gets to choose from one of the following prizes: 
  • A free team lunch to a surrounding restaurant of your choice
  • A free early happy hour (4 p.m. round of drinks) at a surrounding bar of your choice
  • $20 gift cards for each individual team member
  • other ideas on what will motivate you, let us know!
Why Does this Matter?

Each point you wrack up signifies another individual that can help us drive change in children's health outcomes. The more people who know about NICHQ, the more awareness we build about our work. And the more awareness we build, the greater impact we can have. 

Remember, being referred by you makes a difference: Studies and experience show that referrals often turn into a brand's biggest supporters. 
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