Subject: Achieving Health Equity Together

From higher infant mortality rates to increased risk of toxic stress, equity issues are pervasive throughout every stage of child development and have life-altering effects. The time to pursue health equity for children is today. Here's how to get started. 
Think Big, Start Small

Pursuing equity can be overwhelming. But when energies unite around even a seemingly small solution, momentum builds. To help locate that energy, we’ve developed a list of ways to drive change, from tackling housing insecurity to pursuing legal partnerships. Open our Infant Mortality Prevention toolkit, click into Social Determinants of Health, and find out what inspires you to get started.  

NICHQ President and CEO Scott D. Berns’ number one goal for children’s health in 2018 is to put health equity and access to care first. Click in to find out why he thinks that national strategic partnerships can ensure that all children, regardless of circumstance, have equal access to healthcare, which is a step toward achieving health equity.

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Partner With Us
NICHQ’s placed equity at the forefront of our 2020 strategic vision. Are you interested in partnering with us? Contact to NICHQ to discuss:
  • Opportunities to improve outcomes in your state or community
  • Tools used to track data and enhance collaboration
  • Training on consistent messaging and counseling to enhance your ongoing initiatives 
From supporting individual hospitals to national programs, NICHQ’s vast change management experience helps us customize the best solution for you.

Want to hear more about our work pursuing health equity? Visit the Insights section of our website for expert opinions and project highlights. 
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