Subject: A New Beginning for Newborns

Birds chirping, flowers budding and energy building. Nature’s waking up from winter, reminding us of new beginnings and sparking excitement in what’s to come. This year, let’s harness that springtime energy around supporting our favorite new beginning: let’s help more babies reach year one. Scroll down to explore three focus areas.
Sleeping Safe and Sound
Each year, over 3,000 healthy babies die in the U.S. because of sleep-related deaths. At NICHQ, we’re not OK with that number. Ready to join us in taking action?
Register here for a webinar on April 25 at 2 p.m. ET, where Founder of the Global Infant Safe Sleep Center, Stacy Scott, PhD, MPA, will share and model tactics for engaging in conversations that can reach all caregivers. 
Looking for more inspirationRead this article about how to leverage home visiting to spread safe sleep messaging. 
An Equal Chance at
an Equal Start
Poverty, ethnicity and education all influence the significant infant health disparities that exist in the U.S. Helping all babies reach year one means addressing these among other critical social determinants of health. This article describes three specific ideas for improving health equity in your state or community. 
Ten percent of babies born in the U.S. are born prematurely, placing them at higher risk for health problems and complications. Wondering how to improve? Consider the following:  
  • Support screenings that identify risk factors for preterm birth
  • Provide training to enhance patient, family and community engagement
  • Improve access to progesterone, which can help alleviate premature births
  • Advance education about the risks of nonmedical early elective delivery
Looking for more ideas? This article describes ways to prevent preterm births for at-risk moms in under-served populations. Or open our Infant Mortality Prevention Toolkit, click pre- and early-term births, and dive into case studies and evidence-based strategies to get you started.
Implement Change to Reduce Infant Deaths
Are you interested in using these change ideas to improve infant health in a population, state or healthcare setting? Contact to NICHQ to discuss:
  • Opportunities to identify partners and strategies to get partner buy-in
  • Tools used to track data and enhance collaboration 
  • Training on consistent messaging and counseling 
From supporting individual organizations to national programs, NICHQ’s vast change management experience helps us customize the best solution for you.
Want to hear more about what NICHQ is doing to improve infant health? Visit the Insights section of our website for expert opinions and project highlights.  
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