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Cupping Anyone??
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You would have to live in a bubble to have not heard about cupping after the last Olympic coverage and all the noise about how the athletes were using it.  I have been using it in my practice since I opened my doors.   It is now one of my most precious tools for treatment and has so many applications that I want you to be aware of and how it can help you!
There are many types of cupping and lots of benefits for you to enjoy.  In this newsletter I will give you the broad benefits of how cupping can help you.  In newsletters to follow, I will explain the types of cupping treatments.  I am in the process of  updating my web page to reflect all this information as well.  So stay tuned!
Cupping is the application of negative pressure to the skin. This pressure LIFTS the tissues upward, bringing toxins that are trapped, sometimes very deeply, upward to the surface of the skin so that they can be released from the body.  It can leave marks, but these are the toxins, not bruises.

The marvelous benefits of cupping!

  • release rigid soft tissue (muscle, skin, ligaments, adipose), 
  • drain excess fluids and toxins, 
  • loosen adhesions, 
  • stimulate and drain lymphatic system,
  • ease distress on irritable nerves,
  • relieve chronic gastrointestinal disorders and improved digestion as a whole,
  • purify the blood by removing debris, increasing red and white blood cell activity, and facilitating alkaline blood pH,
  • lift connective tissue (skin, muscle, fascia, adipose), and 
  • increases blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles.

Try cupping in your next session, or ask me for more details!

Next newsletter, Types of Cupping.  So stay tuned!
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