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The ever diverse and Wide World of Cupping
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So, in my previous newsletter I introduced you to the benefits of cupping.  This newsletter we will look at the different types of cupping techniques and tools. 

"The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all"  Hippocrates
Silicon Cupping
These cups can be used anywhere and I use them a lot because of their easy application especially around bony areas.  They are great for orthopedic issues:  IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain.  I use them statically and in a massage stroke to loosen and lift.  They feel great on the back to most people, but can be more uncomfortable on the legs.  

Cellulite Cupping
Cupping can be used to release the adhesions in the soft tissue which cause cellulite (dimpling of the fat tissue) which most of us find unsightly.  I use the biomagnetic cups in conjunction with the silicon cups to lift, loosen, and reshape.  It really does work!
Facial Cupping
These cups are different than what we use on the rest of the body.  They offer a gentler suction that is less likely to leave marks on the skin and is responsive to the more delicate tissue.  Facial cupping feels great and can help to remove crows feet, smile wrinkles, double chin and eyelids.                                       More info coming soon!

Biomagnetic cupping
This technique uses positive and negative polarity in plastic cups to further balance the electromagnetic currents in the body. It has long been proven the benefits of magnet therapy in promoting self healing.  This biomagnetic blanket pictured here is very relaxing and feels great!  

Abdominal Cupping
This is a MUST treatment for anyone who is constipated, attempting weight loss, detox, or bowel balancing!!  This technique really helps to clean out the small and large intestine, free up trapped debris which can lead to diverticulitis, and get things flowing again. I lost 2 pounds when I got my first treatment! 

Cupping for Scar tissue
Cupping is a great way to release scars tissue that is bound down and prevents movement.  I use cupping in conjunction with my Microcurrent Point Stimulation Technique and these two do a great job!

Fire cupping
This is the oldest type of cupping using glass cups that have to be heated with fire before placing them on the skin. This is the most popular type of cupping that is used by acupuncturists or Chinese Medicine.  I don't do fire cupping due to the risk of fire. 

So there you have it!  A quick tutorial on the many uses of cupping and how it can help you!   I will go into greater detail on some of these techniques in future newsletters, so stay tuned!
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