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Heather's new Facial Rejuvenation treatment that is getting rave reviews!
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So, in my previous newsletter we talked a little about the different types of cupping and what they are good for.  

Heather wants you to know that she has developed a new treatment option ::  Facial Rejuvenation Massage

This treatment includes Facial cupping and the new Rejuvena Premium!   Check it out!

"The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all"  Hippocrates
Check out these results that Heather is getting from her facial rejuvenation massage program!  Incredible.  The image to the right above is after just 4 sessions.  Most customers notice a big difference after each treatment.  

This Facial Rejuvenation Massage Treatment includes:
Facial Cupping
These cups are different than what we use on the rest of the body.  They offer a gentler suction that is less likely to leave marks on the skin and is responsive to the more delicate tissue.  Facial cupping feels great and can help to remove crows feet, smile wrinkles, double chin and eyelids.                                       

Rejuvena Premium
The Rejuvena is an ultrasonic tool that uses micro-current, blue light (with negative ions), red light (with positive ions), and gold to remove oil, dirt, and debris from pores and to deeply nourish your skin with a gold massage and tighten the elasticity of your pores. For more information check my page....

Young Living Essential Oils
Specific essential oils are chosen to assist the skin in healing and tightening.  The Rejuvena uses micro-current and ions to assist the body in absorbing and utilizing the essence of these plants for self-healing.                                   

Your face feels so GREAT after this treatment!  My customers are really loving the results they are getting. Schedule your own session today or one for a loved one as a gift!
Richway  Biomat  and   Young Living Independent Distributor

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