Subject: Do you Know why Enzymes are important, Friend?

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Hey Friend

I am going to teach you an easy way to heal yourself!

Your body makes enzymes naturally. We're talking systemic enzymes, not just digestive enzymes. 

What do enzymes have to do with massage and physical therapy? 

Well, with our philosophy to treat the body  holistically, we want to facilitate normal and healthy function. As we age we lose enzymes that are naturally produced by the pancreas and liver. Either we use them all up trying to process the toxins we eat or are otherwise exposed to, or our body just stops producing them.  

Do you know why enzymes are so important? 

They help keep us healthy:
1. Enzymes provide immune system modulation 
i.e. fight off invading parasites, viruses, bacteria, and even cancer cells. Allowing the body to function at its fullest potential to keep us healthy without drugs.
2. Enzymes  repair our damaged cells or rid us of dysfunctional cells.
3. Enzymes are natural anti-inflammatory agents that protect us from cell damage and aging.  Inflammation is what hardens our arteries and causes high blood pressure.  It can also lead to frozen shoulder syndrome.
4. Enzymes digest fibrotic (scar tissue resorption) material that can interfere with movement, function, and nervous system impulses. This is particularly important with regard to your massage or PT session!
5. Enzymes perform blood cleansing by reducing stickiness of the blood cells preventing blood clots and heart attack. 
6. Enzymes participate in metabolic regulation by supporting the body to work more efficiently. 

In a nutshell, enzymes are like the trash men or the pac-man of your body.  You need them to keep the junk cleaned out and maintain smooth function of all parts!

You can supplement your enzymes with a product we carry: Vitalzym X and Vitalzym Xe.  I chose to be a distributor for Vitalzym systemic enzymes by World Nutrition based on the remarkable results I have experienced myself with this product.

I have seen these enzymes make a profound difference in people's lives when used to treat chronic fatigue, frozen shoulder, autoimmune disorders, colitis, DOMS and improved recovery speed for athletes, allergies, headaches, etc. Vitalzym is a critical part of our wellness plan from the inside out. Ask us for more details on how they can help you too.

Don't go another day without your vital enzymes!!

We offer these products at a reduced rate to our clients!

*hemophiliacs or those on prescription blood thinner should NOT take systemic enzymes.

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