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Hey, Heather! Let's take a look at how to stay on task with your exercise / fitness goals while you are traveling!
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So, Heather, this is our final discussion on maintaining your exercise program while traveling.  This episode we focus on your favorite..... PLANKS!   

You won't need any equipment for these, but do yourself a favor and make sure the carpet is not rough.  I did not and ended up with bloody elbows!!  ha ha  The cost of health and wellness, right?

Here are the guidelines we laid out last time so that you can stay on task:

1. Plan ahead, adjust your flight schedule, and be prepared  (more on this in the video)
2.  Drink LOTS of water
3.  Look for hotel accommodations with a workout room that is useful (some have terrible options)  and possibly a restaurant with a healthy menu 
4. Adjust your workout schedule before and after your trip.  Work out more before and after than you usually do to accommodate for smaller workouts while you are away.
5. Take healthy snacks if you can, so you avoid stress snacking.  
6.  Find a hotel room with a frig if possible

Check out the video and I will show you some of the things that I do!
Be sure to consult with your health professional (or me if you are my client) about any back, shoulder, wrist, or neck issues before beginning this exercise.

So, lets take a look at part 3 
Your Lesson Today. Click on the Image above.


That wraps up our travel exercise segment for now.  Try to put some of these to good use when you are traveling this winter!


This newsletter series goes through how I keep my exercise program going while I am traveling (and / or flying).

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