Subject: Heather, see how I saved myself from tendinitis overnight!!

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Hello Heather

I was in so much pain after working several very busy weeks!   Ough!   My hands and forearms were on fire, very tender, sore, and it hurt to pick up a small bag of groceries!   Have any of you experienced this??

Well, luckily I knew just what to do.  My first step was to significantly increase my systemic enzymes.  (see link below) I jumped from 6 tablets to 18 in one day.  

You see, enzymes are your little pac men in your body that heal the stressed tissue, digest scar tissue or adhesions, and reduce inflammation. They jump start your immune response.  So, enzymes are usually my 1st defense in severe cases like this.

The next thing I did was to spend some time with my arms wrapped in the far infrared biomat!  The healing rays of the biomat penetrate deeply into the tissue to facilitate healing, assist the enzymes in their pac man activity, restore pH balance, and resolve inflammation. (see link below for more information)

My last step was to use the miro-current point stimulator to down-regulate those inflamed muscles and get them to relax.  You see when muscles are tight and irritated they tend to affect other tissues around them by what we call "up regulating" them or making them tense as well.  So a small issue can become much bigger very quickly if not down regulated!  The microcurrent point stimulator allows me to precisely treat the affected muscles in a very quick way.  Some of you have experienced this as I have also used it on you.  (see link below for more info)

I was able to rid my arm pain over-night and get back to work the next day!

Quick action and the right solutions can really make a difference in your success when treating painful situations such as these.  I only use proven techniques and devices in treating your pain.  And usually I have experimented with them on myself in order to determine their appropriateness for you! 

I have lots of stories like these.....

Until next time be happy and well!
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