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The Benefits of Abdominal Cupping
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So, we have been learning about the benefits and diversity of cupping.  This newsletter we will look more in depth at cupping for the abdomen and why this might be necessary.

"The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all"  Hippocrates
Abdominal Cupping
This is a MUST treatment for anyone who is 
  • constipated
  • in a weight loss program
  • attempting a detox program
  • or interested in bowel balancing

 This technique really helps to clean out the small and large intestine, free up trapped debris which can lead to diverticulitis, and get things flowing again. I lost 2 pounds when I got my first treatment!

It is a very gentle treatment and has subtle effects on the body. Most massage programs do not address the abdomen or the gut.  However, if we are considering whole body wellness, we must include this area in our treatment.  

This technique will also improve function of the gallbladder, free up adhesions within the gut that may be interfering with normal gut function and health, and can even be used to address tight muscles such as the psoas (a big player in low back pain)!
If you are experiencing any of the symptoms or issues above, we can work this treatment into your session.  Just give me a head up!
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