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Hi Friend how are things going?

I know you have heard me talk about the biomat, you might even use it during your session, or even purchased one from me to use at home!
I just had to share this with you.  

One weekend I was mountain biking in Chattanooga and had a particularly bad crash.  I sprained my ankle so badly that I was having 9/10 pain in my heel when I tried to weight bare on that foot.  It was very sharp and deep pain and scared me pretty good. I could not walk the dogs or help to load up our RV.  I knew that it was not broken, but I was concerned because I had a full week of patients to care for in just 2 days and I did not want to let them down!

I usually travel with my own self-care kit: 
  • kinesiotape, 
  • biomat, 
  • essential oils, 
  • micro current point simulator, and 
  • cups.  
Well, this trip I had forgotten my kinesiotape - my usual "go to" for ankle sprains.  
So, I soaked my ankle in Young Livings Ortho Ease and wrapped it tightly in my mini biomat and PRAYED!  I kept the biomat on for 3 hours at 158° while I watched TV and fell asleep.  

The next day I got out of bed and gently put weight on my foot, wondering just what I would find.  To my surprise there was absolutely NO PAIN!   I was able to walk the dogs and help pack the RV!

I use the far-infrared radiation of the biomat for many issues on myself and my clients.  Some of these may be:
  • swelling
  • pain
  • arthritis pain
  • muscle soreness after a workout
  • energy boost after a long day or week
  • immune system boost and balancing
  • digestive support
  • insomnia and mental clarity
If you have not had the pleasure of trying the biomat yet, ask about it during your next session.  I am also a biomat distributor and many of my clients have purchased one for home use.  I hear similar stories from them in how they are using it (if they think to incorporate it this way).  The possibilities are endless in such a versatile device!

Until next time....
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