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Getting Rid of that unsightly Cellulite with Cupping!
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So, we have been learning about the benefits and diversity of cupping.  This newsletter we will look more in depth at cupping for cellulite on the hips, legs, arms, and abdomen.

"The natural force within each of us is the greatest healer of all"  Hippocrates
Cellulite Cupping
Many women, and some men, are well aware of cellulite and hate how it looks.  Cellulite is that cottage cheese looking fat that accumulates whereever we store our fat.  It is actually more than unsightly.  It is also a mechanical issue and needs to be corrected.  Cellulite is fat tissue that is tacked down by adhesions in the fat.  These adhesions are just as problematic here as they are anywhere else in the body.  And if you have been to me for treatment, you have probably heard my speech on this! 

Cellulite can make it even more difficult to lose this weight as it holds the fat tissue trapped in a compartment.  This makes it harder for the body to utilize the fat.
How to get rid of it!
So, we have a great treatment for this cellulite with the cupping program. This can be worked into your massage or physical therapy session. It is recommended to plan on 6 treatments weekly in order to effectively remove it. However, you will notice significant changes after each session.

Cellulite treatments involve biomagnetic cupping (pictured left) and silicon cupping (pictured below). It may be a little uncomfortable just because of the traction effect on a lot of tissue at once. But, this can be adjusted to your tolerance level.
Silicon Cupping
You will especially want to consider cellulite cupping if you are trying to lose weight!   I have had great results with using this treatment in a weight loss program!

Or get ready for swim suit season the right way!  Show off those smooth curves and not the cottage cheese.

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