Subject: Certification IS Expanding Opportunities!

The United Medical Transportation Providers Group

Hello to everyone within the Million Dollar Transportation Community!  As
always, I hope that this message finds you all doing well and that business
is booming!

This is an emportant email as I have some great info to share.  But first, I
want to share with you an awesome email that I received today from one
of our UMTPG members.

I won't disclose their company name at this time, but for those of you who
were in attendance at our March 19th Million Dollar Seminar you will know
exactly who I'm talking about.

This is a great email as follows because at our Seminar we openly
discussed some issues they were having with a "gypsy" driver that was
operating in unscrupulous manner.


I hope you and your family are well. I just wanted to give you an update on
THE situation that we had with one of our nursing facilities.  We finally
met with them and held to our guns on not retroactively reducing our active
billing.  We would consider lowing some of our local transports.  They
explain that they would no long be using us.  I explained that is their
decision and that we thank them for their work and consideration and
welcome the opportunity to perform future work.

This week they started using the gypsy as I knew they would.  That did
not last long!  They started calling us back within days to perform
transports.  Come to find out, his right hand driver has been in jail for the
last 30 days and they don't know when he's getting out!  His stepson was
driving for him but he had to let him go because he kept showing up to
work drunk!

We went to a new facility yesterday, one that is his "honey-hole."  It just
so happens he saw us in there talking with the administrator - Loved it!  I
gave the administrator a copy of our UMTPG Certificate and explained the
difference between us being officially certified.  All of a sudden she wanted
to talk with us whereas previously she said our prices were too high!

I think she understands what is going on with the gypsy.  She started
telling us what he is charging and I told her that there is no way that we
could do it for that rate.  It didn't matter.  She asked if she gave us her
business could we handle 50 transports per month.  I told her absolutely
and they are going to start using us next week. 

This is a perfect example of staying true to the course, not giving in and
backing down!  Also, my mentor (that's You!) told me to stay on the
OFFENSIVE which is definitely paying off!  Thank you, Joel!

We have a lot of other great things going on too.  We met last week with
Hospice and they loved us!  They said we are the most professional
service and we are now in the process of negotiating a contract.

Also, we have another big meeting coming on Monday.  Last Saturday I
transported a VIP on a discharge from a hospital to a very upscale
nursing facility, where doctors and attorneys retire.  We never met these
people before but they wanted to use us.  The family loved us.  They
asked why we were not doing transports for the facility.  I explained how
we tried several times but that they would not speak with us.  The family
told us to contact he administrator and they would assure me that they
would talk with us.  I called the administrator and sure enough they
asked how soon we could meet with them!

One more bit of Great News!  Today we paid off our first vehicle from 8
months ago.  What a great feeling that is, to have our vehicle paid off. 
This vehicle all of a sudden drives like its brand new!

Thanks again, Joel.  Just a reminder that you are always invited to come
to Florida stay with us and we will take you fishing!

Sorry, I didn't mean to be so long.  Thank you again for all of your help. 
Nobody said the climb to the top was going to be easy but we keep
looking up!

Tim & Lisa

When I read this email I immediately called Tim to congratulate him! 
Knowing the circumstances surrounding all of these issues, I am so
pleased and happy for Tim and Lisa's growing success!

During our telephone conversation, Tim further told me how receptive
facility staff members were to the United Medical Transportation
Providers Group
and the Certification process.  Needless to say, I am
very pleased because the UMTPG is doing exactly what our mission is
designed to do!  We are literally helping to certify, promote, create, and
expand new opportunities for our members!

Some more great UMTPG news:

The "Certification Patches" are in!  We will be sending out patches to our
active "CERTIFIED" members only with associated information.  These
patches can be sown onto your uniforms where you deam appropriate. 
Certified Medical Transportation ProviderObviously, the "Certified Medical Transportation
Provider" emblem will be noticeable by all your
customers and staff!  And, I can personally tell
you that these patches came out awesome! 
They are going to look awesome on your
uniforms and will be easily identified by your
customers and staff members.

In regards to the vehicle stickers with the same
logo, I am still awaiting them.  I resent them to
be redone because I wanted them to be larger in size.  Like the patches,
they too will stand out and be easily recognizable by your customers
and staff.

So, if you're not yet an active member, become one!  Do it now and lock
yourself into the current monthly membership rates before they increase.

If you're not yet Certified, get certified!  When you do, we will literally start
sending out letters of certification and others to the prospects that you

And for those of you that don't see the value in this, just ask Tim & Lisa. 
Better yet, ask your attorney or accountant to draft and mail numerous
letters on your behalf and see how much they charge you!  And, see if it
has the same effect as that of the UMTPG! 

I am very pleased because the UMTPG is achieving what we set out to do;
increase industry standards, marginalize "gypsies" and rift-raft operations, 
promote, support, and create new opportunities for our members!

I could continue to bore you with more UMPTG details and opportunities
that are unfolding, but I think this email is long enough so I'll cut it off here. 
But if you would like to learn more, JOIN!

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See you at the Top!
Joel E. Davis
Founder, the United Medical Transportation Providers Group