Subject: How to Get Yourself to Stop Worrying

Metal up!

And so we begin a new week of life domination—that is if you choose to see it that way. With all the strength I have, I do my best to war against the resistance that life, worry, or doubt tries to bring. This takes a lot of effort, but it's kept me going for years!

When it comes to defeating negatives like worry, doubt, and fear, here's how I do it.
How to Get Yourself to Stop Worrying

You know what it’s like to worry, don’t you? Your mind won’t stop dwelling on the worst case scenario. You worry about others. You worry about yourself. You worry about your circumstances. You worry about the future. And if there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll do your damnedest to find something else to add to your anxiety.

This state of unceasing worry is damaging you. The constant release of adrenalin wreaks havoc on your body, and you lose sleep because you’re kept up at night by the fact that your mind won’t shut down. Worry is taxing the hell out of you.

Worry is When You TAKE Unproven Thoughts

What is worry? The dictionary defines worry as giving way to anxiety or allowing your mind to dwell on what you perceive to be difficulties. I don’t particularly care for this definition because it makes it appear as if worry has a power of its own. It doesn’t. Worry only has as much power as you entertain it in your mind.

Worry has no power in itself, so you don’t actually have to worry about anything, if you choose not to do so. For this reason, I want to offer an alternative definition for worry.

Worry is when you take unproven thoughts about your difficulties or troubles.

The key words in this definition are take and unproven. When we worry, WE are taking unproven thoughts as true; and because we deem them to be true, we entertain them endlessly until our entire being is in turmoil. You haven’t proven the thoughts of worry, because what you’re worried about hasn’t happened yet. You’re only dwelling on them as if they’re going to happen.

When you take something, you’re reaching out and grabbing hold of it. If you don’t want it, then you only need to let go of it. It’s really that simple. It’s not easy to do, but what’s required to rid yourself of worry is actually very simple.

How to Kill Off the Worry

And as I’ve taught previously in regards to controlling the mind, the absolute best way to rid yourself of the torment of worry is two-fold:

First, reject the worrisome thought as soon as it appears in your mind. In other words, don’t take it up and hold onto it.

For example, let’s say the thought hits me, “The economy is getting worse, and you’re clueless as to think that you can avoid it.” I reject that thought outright in the following way, “That’s not true. Millions of people will thrive in this economy, but it only takes knowledge, planning, and follow through. I’m fully capable of prospering during these times, and just because worry tried to enter my mind, I’m going to do something right now to show how much I am NOT subject to fear!”

However, in the beginning, you’ll be doing this a lot, so prepare yourself for that. If your mind habitually worries, then it’s going to require effort to retrain it, and that effort must be maintained consistently over time. You can do it.

Second, try to keep your mind occupied—or busy—with plans and problem-solving thoughts regarding areas that you want to change.

I call this “crowding out the evil,” and it’s like purging all the weeds in your yard by flooding it with healthy grass instead of trying to pluck out individual weeds—although you need to do both in the beginning.

In other words, you want to get to the place where you’re not spending all of your time rejecting negative thoughts, but rather you are so filling your mind with creative planning and problem-solving that you just don’t have any room in your head for worry, doubt, or fear.

Stop Making Excuses

I find that the people who claim they can’t think positively all the time because they have so much to do are the very same people that have no problem worrying all day regardless of their “schedule.” In the end, your mind will do whatever you train it to do. Metal up!

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