Subject: Marimor Industries, Inc. Newsletter April 2014

Marimor's Having a Makeover
The Marimor Industries building is presently undergoing some major renovations.

Reasons for the renovations included: 

1. The need for more restroom and conference room space.
2. Separating activities from work. All activities will soon be in individual rooms   
    rather than the huge open space we presently have.
3. Trying to have all individuals reporting to one building. Presently, we have 
    activity rooms in the School building, Marimor Industries and the
    Administration building.
4. Updating and repairing some areas throughout the building.

Changes include:

1. After plans to remodel the 1984 addition (prevoc wing) it was discovered
    to have some structural instability. As a result, that part of the building 
    will be torn down and re-built. We will have 3 activity rooms, nurses clinic, 
    laundry room, restrooms, conference room and restrooms in that area.
2. The lunchroom will be moved to the back part of the work center and will 
    have walls.
3. Three additional activity rooms and a set of restrooms will be added to 
    the back half of the work center.
4. A new room was added to the work center area to house Secure Scan.
5. The Art Room (previously janitors room/storage for AVI vending) has
    been remodeled.
6. The lobby area will be refreshed.
7. A conference room will be built in the present lunchroom.

We hope to be finished with the project by the end of the summer and when it’s completed we will have an open house!  Until that time, check out our Facebook page for updates.
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2014 Marimor Idol Finals

Thomas Barnett
Aumesha Beasley
Lynn Briley
Robert Brown
Kay Cooper
Steven Copley
Stacy Gould
Tony Grumblis
Bruce Hofacker
Rick Painter
Jonathon Robinson
Sandy North Smith
Everett Ward

Please come and join the fun to see who will become the next Marimor Idol.

A concession stand will be available with popcorn, candy, water, and Gatorade. Prices range from $0.50 -$1.50

, 2450 Ada Road, Lima, 45801, United States

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