Subject: Triggering Astral Projections With Astral Phasing

Leverage The Art Of "Astral Phasing" To Trigger Astral Projections, And Avoid Getting "Stuck" Inside Stubborn Parts Of Your Physical Body

If you're new to astral projection, and experienceing serious difficulty getting out of body, then you're NOT alone.

The average human - whose undergone decades of indoctrination into believing they are a "physical" being - has a hard time reprogramming their subconscious to LET THEM astral project.

In my program, Astral Projection Mastery, I walk you step-by-step through how to communicate with your Higher Self and Unconscious mind so that they COMPEL you to go out of body, rather than STOP you from exiting. To learn my proven techniques, and watch free sample video clips from the course, click RIGHT HERE:

Let Your Higher Self Trigger Astral Projections

Hey Friend,

Have you ever heard of the term... ASTRAL PHASING?

This is a term used to describe a different approach to OBE that is generally easier to accomplish than other types of OBE. It provides solid personal OBE experience that helps overcome fears and improves confidence.

The idea with Astral Phasing is, in a relaxed state of mind and body, to imagine (to visualize) an OBE walkthrough in GREAT DETAIL, so that at some point during this you will just PHASE into the astral. And from that point, you are having an OBE and can take it from there.

There are many different types and levels of OBE, including: lucid dreaming, wake induced lucid dreaming, real time astral projection, astral plane projection, etc.

PURE MENTAL PROJECTION is a projection of the mental body, which includes lucid dreaming, wake induced lucid dreaming, etc. The mental body is closely connected to the brain and mind and experiences in this body are consequentially easier to remember than other types of OBE.

PURE ASTRAL PROJECTION is a projection from the flesh of your body. This is demonstrated through common OBE related phenomena, like being stuck to one part of your body, like a hand, your head or stomach, etc. 

What I mean by being stuck at a body part is, during an OBE exit, you might get mostly out of your body but find you are stuck at the wrist, etc. And if you try to use force to complete the separation, it will hurt.

Also common is being stuck to the body at parts that have certain solid objects, like jewelry, watches, and even new dental work. Even having a pet sleeping on your body can cause problems, like a cat or pet rat, etc.

The "Caveman" Mentality Of Lower Astral Projection Versus The "Angel" Mentality of Higher Mental Projection

Pure astral body projection contains the ego and animal mind aspects more strongly than it does the higher mind and emotions. Pure astral projection is therefore more sexually volatile than mental projection. 

Caveman mentality rules here, where persons in this state will tend to club potential mates and drag them off to their proverbial caves – analogy.

OBE (out of body experience) is a broad general term that describes any type of out of body experience, which includes all astral and mental and lucid dream type experiences. 

Every OBE of any type is a MIXTURE containing PART Astral body and PART Mental body.

The RATIO of the mixture of astral and mental body energies allows for different types of OBE. It is because of this mixture that we have such diverse reporting of OBE type experiences.

There are few consistent factors to work with when examining OBE, and this includes the symptoms experienced during the exit out of body and the re-entry phase. Sometimes you get major symptoms, and sometimes they are very minor. Some people go through a seemingly life threatening intensity of OBE exit symptoms, while others just slip out of body with little to no sensations at all.

If your OBE contains mostly astral body energy, then it will feel like you have left half of your mind behind. It will be difficult to think, even to remember who you are, and any plans you might have had are soon forgotten. 

Encountering persons that are sexually attractive in this state can cause problems because of the CAVE MAN (or CAVE WOMAN) mentality. Sexuality is volatile and it takes considerable self-discipline to control these urges.

It is difficult to have pure astral or pure mental projections. A mixture is the norm for most people. 

The types of OBE you can expect vary considerably according to your energy makeup (how your energy body is wired), chakra activity, your personality and psychological state of mind at the time. Other factors also affect the 'ratio' like intentions, circumstances, including the Full Moon and other astrological factors.

Energy body and chakra development have a big impact on the type of OBE that can be expected. And this will change as you 'develop' and gain more 'experience'.

How To Accomplish Astral Phasing And "Trick" Your Mind Into Going Out Of Body

To accomplish Astral Phasing, put yourself into a deeply relaxed physical mental state, and then use your imagination to imagine yourself getting up and moving through your home in 'great detail'. Then go outside and take a walk through your town. Continue this from memory in great detail. 

The idea is to lose yourself in the details so that at some point you become FULLY IMMERSED in your exercise. This tricks your mind into allowing you to 'phase' into the astral dimension. Once this happens, you are effectively out of body and can then continue with a full out of body experience.

The higher the details used for an astral phasing exercise, the better your chances for success. 

Imagine getting up out of body and moving at a normal walking pace through your bedroom. Imagine your spatial coordinates changing as you move, as they would in real life. Continue to your kitchen and imagine this in great detail, counting the taps and stove knobs, spices, etc., and every detail you can remember.

Continue this exercise in great detail and, once you become fully immersed, you will at some point feel a shift and find yourself out of body.

During astral phasing, it is wise to have a plan and to keep it fairly short after you phase into OBE. Give yourself several minutes and then return to your physical body and reenter, or just imagine you are back in your body to cause the shift home. 

Always write down key words from any type of OBE experience. While astral phasing memory is more reliable than other types of OBE, it still cannot be fully trusted. 

Astral phasing is an excellent way to get used to OBE, so your subconscious mind can more easily accept it. This ‘personal experience’ makes it easier to produce other types of OBE. 

And remember, your subsconscious mind can do A LOT more then just facilitate astral projection.

Your unconscious mind and Higher Self control your health and wellness on the physical and energy planes. It's crucial that you learn to communicate with them in order to supercharge your chakras, cleanse your energy body, and encourage physical healing.

If you've heard cases where someone has a Near Death Experience and "comes back to life"... this is a case of their Higher Self intervening. The takeaway point here is that your Higher Self directly influences your well-being on molecular and astral levels. You need to "get right" with your Higher Self. This is what I show you in detail in my Manifestation And Healing program. It's basically a masterclass on working with energy and the power of manifestation so you can get the life you want, full of happiness and wellness. Check it out right here:

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I'll talk to you again in a couple of days...

Your Friend,

Robert Bruce

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