Subject: Feeling The ECSTASY Of Real Clairvoyance

It can be extremely annoying and frustrating
to see psychics on television talk about how
they’ve “always been gifted”.

It just sounds so arrogant and elitist.

Does that mean if you haven’t opened your
Third Eye yet, that you’re not “gifted” too?

Give me a break!

We ALL have unique talents and mental capacities,
and we ALL have the POTENTIAL to be clairvoyant.

It’s just some people OPTED to have this
incarnation be one of advanced psychic power,
while others didn’t.

Here’s The Truth: to open your Third Eye and see
auras and “dead people”... you need to understand
two concepts: energy, and mentalism.

My “Evolution” eBook gives you real in-depth
elaborations of how these two dynamics work,
and provides you specific strategies for
OPENING YOUR THIRD EYE to see with your
psychic vision for the first time.

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Hey Friend,

    The truth about clairvoyance is fairly simple.

    We’re all born with our psychic abilities
open and usable. The problem is that they
go undeveloped and fall back into latency after
a few years.

    It’s similar to if someone were to lay in bed
for 10 years straight... it’d be a SERIOUS
challenge for them to get their legs moving
again in working order.

    Fortunately, psychic abilities are MUCH EASIER
to awaken from their dormancy then a pair of old


    Because your metaphysical powers reside inside
your MIND. They are not physical.

    They are MENTAL and ENERGETIC.

    And in the world of the mind and energy,
changes happens in an INSTANT.

    This is different in comparison to the
physical world, where changes happens INCREMENTALLY
over time.

    Let this inspire you with HOPE - because
it’s FAR EASIER to get good with mental abilities
than it is physical abilities.

    Now to be sure, they BOTH take practice...

    But you’ll find that learning to see auras,
and retrieving psychic information is MUCH
EASIER and less stressful than lifting weights
or running on a treadmill.

    In fact, clairvoyant meditation is
EXTREMELY PLEASURABLE when you do it right.


    There’s a reason why mystics have always
referred to the psychic state as “ecstatic”.

    It’s because when you’re in clairvoyance mode,

    You literally feel ecstasy inside your body.

    Your physical brain produces and PUMPS OUT
“feel good” chemicals while you meditate.

    And it REALLY “ups” the dosage when you’re
in clairvoyant meditation.

    This is evolutionary.

    Your brain wants to make you FEEL ADDICTED
TO CLAIRVOYANCE - because it’s a good thing to
have and do!

    When you are sitting in a deep clairvoyant
state you will FEEL a sort of opiate high.

    Haven’t you ever wondered why all those
yogis and monks are always smiling so bright-eyed?

    I’m not joking - they’re stoned!

    But it’s an all-natural GOOD kind of stoned.

    They meditate clairvoyantly for HOURS every
day, and so they feel BUZZED constantly.

    It’s really quite funny!

    And this is also an indicator to you that
you’re on the right track.

    If you’ve ever done yoga, exercised, or
meditated, then you KNOW you feel MUCH BETTER
after you do it.

    You’re body is REWARDING you for making the
right decision and flooding you with pleasure.

    Pretty nifty stuff.

    I can honestly say the HEIGHT OF ECSTASY
I’ve felt in my entire lifetime - and mind you,
this is a lifetime of ULTRA-POWERFUL SPIRITUAL

STATES - comes from when I meditate in
clairvoyance for 5-10 hours.

    It’s mind-numbingly enjoyable.

    Utterly intoxicating.

    And it’s 100% healthy, calorie-free,

    No artificial chemicals. No “tools”. No

    Your 100% mind-blowing internal experience.

    The best feelings I’ve ever felt have
come from 3 things:

1) High-Powered Clairvoyant Meditation
2) Chakra Strobing And Kundalini Rising
3) Tantric Lovemaking

    The cool part is, they are all immediately
accessible to you- because they are INTERNAL

    This kind of clairvoyant genius is
attainable by ANYONE- and DEFINITELY by you.

    You’re one of the most intelligent people
alive, in case you didn’t know.

    Just the fact that you’ve ATTRACTED this
information into your life PROVES that you’re
closely connected to your Higher Self and it’s
ACTIVELY guiding you.

    But you need to take the next step.

    You need to PRACTICE what I’m preaching.

    Your Higher Self can show you the door,
but you need to walk through it.

    My Evolution eBook is your “beginners guide”
to psychic success. It’s a cookbook full of
recipes for enlivening and STRENGTHENING your
mental and energetic superpowers.

    If you want to learn how to become SUPERHUMAN,
then go download my eBook right now. You can
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    Also, our classic "Hall of Learning" class,
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    The kinds of internal experiences and

spiritual states you’re going to learn to access
and cultivate inside yourself will TOTALLY

REVOLUTIONIZE and REJUVENATE your desire to be
alive, and your THANKS for existence.

    Nothing makes life better than FEELING GOOD.

    And to FEEL GOOD and BE HAPPY - You NEED
to be spiritual.

    I’ll talk to you again soon.

        Your Friend for Good Feelings,

        Robert Bruce

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