Subject: A Touching *Thank You* Note From Robert Bruce

Friend, I need to tell you something

Two words sum up my feelings right now:

“Thank You”.


Thank - You.

Your overwhelming eagerness and appreciation
for spirituality, and especially the Evolution
eBook is AMAZING.

In my fifty-some years of being alive, I’ve
NEVER EVER seen and felt so much positive
energy oriented around personal growth.

Trust me.

 -- Rewind back to thirty years ago --

There were times when I saw NOTHING HAPPENING,

There was no global “Barnes and Noble” with
a giant spirituality section of books.

There was no “” recommending new
authors to you.

There was no “Astral Dynamics” yet.

There was basically no “astral projection”
community yet. It was just small pockets of
people practicing it in total obscurity.

VERY FEW people cared about “psychic abilities”.

 -- Fast forward back to the present day --

Metaphysics is on the CUSP of being a
SERIOUSLY respected mainstream subject.

In fact, ask ANYONE if they’ve heard of
the “New Age” genre and they’ll say yes...

We hear “spiritual” language in lyrics of
songs and in the scripts of Hollywood movies.

There are REAL universities starting to do
REAL in depth tests and studies on extra-sensory

My friends, we ARE CARRYING THE TORCH and
leading the species into the NEW PARADIGM
of awakening and truth.

And the fact that I get to have YOU do it
with me, Friend, makes me SO HAPPY.

So let me say, TO YOUR FACE, through this

“Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart
for helping me grow this Spiritual Movement.”

You can count yourself as one of the smartest,
most awakened, and SPECIAL people alive today.

That’s not all though.

You NEED TO BE THANKFUL TOO that you get to
witness this transition IN LIVING COLOR.

You have a VERY VALUABLE Earthly incarnation
on your hands.

We are WATCHING WITH OUR OWN EYES the movement
from darkness into the light. And after you pass
away, and examine this lifetime in the context
of ALL your previous lifetimes... I’M SURE
this will be one your MOST PROUD of.

*** Let’s Get Down To Business ***

If you HAVE NOT YET looked into what my Evolution
eBook is all about, and the amazing things it’s
going to do for you, then YOU NEED TO CHECK IT OUT
right now:

“Evolution” is your hard core guide to the
ABSOLUTE must-know basics of spiritual and
evolutionary growth.

It’s a cook-book of techniques for developing
the power to use a WIDE VARIETY of different
psychic abilities.

And best of all... this treatise shows you
things that will help you EMOTIONALLY and
CONCEPTUALLY- not just practically.

Here’s a teaser of what it’s going to teach you:

1) Your true life Purpose
2) The secret to lasting Happiness
3) My theory of “God” and “Creation”
4) The role of your Higher Self
5) How to permanently END bad habits
6) How to build a positive self-avatar
that AUTOMATICALLY generates new positive
behavior for you that will get NEW RESULTS in
your life.

My friend, these are lessons EVERYONE needs
to know in order to succeed with not just
evolution- but with LIFE in general.

And that’s literally the TIP of the iceberg.

I haven’t even mentioned what psychic skills
I teach you to use. But I’m not going to
overwhelm you. Instead, I want you to go
right here:


So that’s all fine and dandy... yeah yeah yeah
you’ll get to learn a whole lot.

But guess what?


I’ll say that again...


There is ZERO obligation for you to pay any
money. This is entirely RISK-FREE for you. I
take all the risk.

So last chance. I want you to go read up on
the AMAZING things my new REVOLUTIONARY eBook,
“Evolution” is going to do to REVOLUTIONIZE
your spiritual life FOREVER:

    I’ll talk to you again soon.

        Your Friend,

        Robert Bruce

P.S. I’m doing everything I can to make it
as EASY AS I CAN for you to improve yourself.

Whether you take the NEXT STEP to do it, is
totally up to you.

But I’ll promise you something...

When you ARE READY for Evolution, and do
the RIGHT THING... you’ll be SO HAPPY you did.


Thank you. <3 span="">

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