Subject: 2 Surefire Ways To Stop Falling Asleep While Astral Projecting

Hey Friend,
    Did you know that there are CRITICAL
moments that will either shut down your
astral projection... or keep your astral projection
going strong?

    And how you HANDLE those critical moments
means everything to the success of your out of
body experience?

    What if you had a road map that pinpointed
each of those moments in an astral travel and
showed you how to steer them in such a way,
that your projection will only get longer,
more memorable, and more profound for you?

    I've identified 15 make-or-break moments
that come up in almost every astral projection
and created a program that will teach you
EXACTLY what to do and think in each of
these crucial moments right here:

    Now let me turn to an important issue.

    Every day I get tons of email from practitioners
asking what to do when they start feeling drowsy
and sleepy while in meditation. And my response
is always the same.

    I tell them that the "falling asleep" feeling
that overcomes their mind and body is very
common - even to the best of beginners.
What matters here is not that you stay awake,
as much as you PAY ATTENTION to the

    Because while you generally can't control
this "sleepy" feeling in the beginning, you CAN
have full control over how you respond to it.

    Think about that for a minute. You have
enormous power in your meditation to steer
things in a positive direction... even if
your mind is not "cooperating" with you in any
given moment.

    So let me ask you this:

    How do you usually respond when your
"sleep" feeling sets in? Do you let yourself
drift off into sleep-land?

    Or... are you conscious and aware enough
to take a moment to make a different choice -
a choice that could re-establish your trance
right away rather than float off into sleep?

    A large part of handling this situation with
your trance actually involves not DOING
very much at all. If you've ever heard of the
expression "action in inaction", you'll want
to keep it in mind here.

    The concept is that NOT taking action
and giving up control of a situation is
sometimes the most powerful action
you can take.

    Why? Because you're allowing events
to unfold naturally and you actually get to
learn information you can use to then take
the necessary action.

    Let me show you what I mean in the context
of this all-too-commeon astral projection
scenario where you're about to fall asleep.


    When you're in trance, hoping to eventually
exit your physical body, and feelings of
oncoming sleep wash over you, your immediate
reaction is probably to get nervous or scared
of losing the trance. You might start to worry,
insult yourself inside your head, and generally
try to "fix" the situation.

    While this might seem uncontrollable, and
happen automatically, it usually ends up
leaving you frustrated and can actually create
more problems for the projection.

    That's because when you are deep in trance,
your thoughts, and internal dialogue becomes
ten times more powerful. It's *self-hypnosis*,
and you're programming yourself in that state.
And insulting yourself while in that vulnerable
state is very damaging.

    A key to not falling into the trap of automatic
self-criticism, and having harmful effects on
your psychology, is to know IN ADVANCE that
when you're in deep trance, in the theta state,
your HIGHLY SUSCEPTIBLE to suggestion.

    Tell yourself NOW, that if you ever feel
yourself slipping off into sleep, that the
sleep feeling is NORMAL, and only happening
BECAUSE you've been successfully going
to sleep for your entire life.

    Be HAPPY your sleep reflex is working.
    Now it's simply time to "tweak" the mechanism.


    Taking a step back also let's you do something
else: It gives you a chance to track and notice
the feeling of "oncoming sleep". You can now
begin to *STUDY* the feeling of falling sleep.

    Then, after MEMORIZING the feeling of
"drifting off to sleep", you can actually begin
to CONTROL the feeling, it's intensity, and
it's timing.

    In other words, the more you TEST this
feeling, and scientifically experiment with
it - and it's OK if you fall asleep once or twice -
the more you GAIN CONTROL OVER IT.

    Eventually, you'll get to the point, where
you can literally bring on the sleep feeling
at will, or put the brakes on it at will.

    You'll MASTER sleep.

    This is called "trance training".

    The more you practice going as deep
as you can into trance... to the point of
oncoming sleep... then stop and relax
on the border of sleep... the further
you'll push into the depths of your trance.

    In time, you'll find yourself reaching
new deeper levels of trance you had
not yet arrived at.

    Not only this, but it's not uncommon
to go so deep, that your physical body
is FAST ASLEEP, while you're mind is
WIDE AWAKE inside it.

    You'll actually hear yourself snoring
or sleep-breathing while you're awake!

    It's VERY funny, and highly amusing.


    And you NEED deep trance for success
with astral projection, at least in the beginning.

    Over time, it'll come quicker, and
you'll learn to exit in lighter trance states.

    Refer to this metaphor, when thinking
about your capacity for deep trance.

    One jug may be able to hold one liter
of water.

    But when you increase the capacity
of the jug, it can now hold TWO liters
of water.

    By consciously FEELING the feeling
of falling asleep, then STOPPING on a dime,
then diving even deeper, you're increasing
your capacity for trance.

    Once more, it's called *TRANCE TRAINING*

    And to repeat, you NEED to get good at
this for massive long-term success with
astral projection.

    You will not meet a skilled astral projector
that cannot "hold his water" so to speak,
and go EXTREMELY deep into trance
while staying mentally alert and active.

    My business manager, Timothy, calls
it "deep diving" for a reason.

    Because scuba diving is an accurate
metaphor for trance diving.

    The deeper you go, the more wonders
and delights you'll encounter, as you
astral project more and more.

    For example, with me personally, the
deeper I go into trance, the clearer and
more powerfully my astral clairvoyance
turns on, until I am looking right into the
surrounding Real Time Zone as if it's the
inside of my living room.

    And of course, the more you use your
clairvoyance, the more it comes naturally.
I'll explore this more in detail in my
"Clairvoyance: Opening Your Third Eye"
program coming out soon in the future.
    My program, Astral Projection Mastery,
tells you exactly the right action - and
non-action -  to take during all of the
key moments that will come up in your
astral projection and trance training.

    These are the moments that can either
create irreparable damage to the astral
projection attempt... or create an
unshakable strength that you can build
on for a long-lasting life of out of body

    A specific "critical moment" in my program
is all about Recalling Astral Memories.

    In it, I show you the Key Tools that get
rid of the blocks stopping you from
remembering all of your profound astral
    And trust me, if you don't learn how
to recall your astral memories, then
they will NEVER come to you.

    Astral travel memories are as slippery
as your nightly dreams.

    If you DON'T have a fine-tuned system
for remembering them, then the astral
memories you DO recollect will be FEW

    And if you can't remember your
travels, then is it really worth doing?

    Have a think about that one...

    Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to
wonder if or when your success with
astral projection going to happen?

    And imagine the confidence you'll
feel once you've put into place the tools
that keep you on the road to exploration
in the out of body state.

    Isn't that when things are easiest and
you feel your best anyhow - when you can
see and feel that you're DOING THINGS
PROPERLY... it allows you to feel excited
about your practice and progress, right?

    Are you ready to finally experience
that feeling of security and comfort that
comes with that kind of rock-solid foundation?
    Go here and try Astral Projection Mastery:

Here is a BRIEF list of the Key Moments,
that I'll teach you precisely how to navigate
inside the program:

- Moment #3: Trance Training For Depth -
Deepening your trance through the sleep
onset, and resisting it

- Moment #5: Perfecting Your First Time -
How to IMMEDIATELY transform your first
astral projection, the very FIRST time you're
out of body, so you set a precedent for
EASIER astral projections in the future

- Moment #10: Killing The Watcher On
The Threshold - This technique of
non-aggression and peace will actually
leave the infamous "Watcher" impotent
and unable to hurt you

- Moment #15: Undergoing Initiation -
When you reach a certain level, the
"Ascended Masters" will choose you,
and initiate you into a higher level
of "Ascendent" spiritual practice. I teach
you how to "handle" yourself if this happens

- And tons more

    My Astral Projection Mastery will both
show you how to remember your astral
projections clearly and vividly, and how
to trance train, so you can deepen your
capacity for astral projection. ANY
practitioner can do it.

    And I really want that practitioner to be you.

    That's why I'll let you try to my program 100%
FREE. That's right... you don't have to pay a
penny to get it. You'll have 7 full days to
"test drive" the quality to make sure it's something
you feel comfortable totally committing to.

    It's like we're on a "date" before you choose
to go "steady" with me. :)

    And if you're not happy with it (which almost
never happens), just cancel the free trial, and
you'll never be billed.

    If you're ready to go "deep diving" and
experience REAL deep trance... if you
want to EJECT from your body, and find
then go here for your risk free trial:

    And I'll talk to you again soon, and best of
luck in life and love.

        Your Friend,

        Robert Bruce

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