Subject: page slider for AngularJS 1.x ☞

AngularJS 1.x page slider directive/component
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Create a sliding bar in AngularJS 1.x

Hi Friend,

While I've been digging into Angular 2, I've also been working on an AngularJS 1.x project and found something very cool. It's a sliding bar; it slides in from the right, it slides in from the bottom or the top of the page. You can click here to take a look at the demo.

The sliding bar has become a very common feature on a lot of websites and in a lot of web apps. The reason for this is that the sliding bar is a convenient place to put the primary navigation menu or the additional secondary action menus.

One cool use is to have surveys or marketing material or discounts that show up in the sliding bar. They don't interfere with the page until the user wants the sliding bar to slide out above the content.

The features of ng-pageslide are:
  • slide from anywhere on the page, at any animation speed
  • push content from the left of the page
  • prevent clicking outside of the slide bar to close the bar, with an overlay to highlight the content of the slide bar
  • use the escape key to close the slide bar
  • it can be limited to appear within a small container rather than on the full page 
Thanks for reading Learning AngularJS and happy hacking!

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