Subject: Learning AngularJS: Create a Trello Clone with Angular, Node.js☺

Learning AngularJS: create a Trello clone in AngularJS 1.x
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Learning AngularJS
Hello again Friend,

I was sitting here pondering what a good first project would be for someone to learn AngularJS 1.x and then I spotted this awesome tutorial from CodeMentor. CodeMentor is a site where you can hire mentors to help you solve your programming problems. It's useful as an additional resource aside from StackOverflow and Google (the two major programming problem solving sites out there ;-))

Anyway in this tutorial you're creating a Trello clone using AngularJS and Node.js. Trello is a kanban board for project management and issue tracking. Kanban boards are extremely useful in keeping track of what's being worked on and what's been done.

Here's how that looks like:
The tutorial is written well and there is also a webinar video at the end where you're shown how to add some other cool features to the AngularJS project. Check it out and share it with others, the world could use some more AngularJS developers.

Happy hacking!
Rudolf Olah
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