Subject: 25% off AngularJS 2 video tutorial!

Learning AngularJS: create a directive component in AngularJS 2 in less than 30 minutes.
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Learning AngularJS
Hi Friend!

How exciting is that?! In the video tutorial which I put together, you will learn how to create a basic AngularJS 2 project using vanilla JavaScript, none of that TypeScript or Dart stuff. You will then learn how to create a directive component using the new libraries that are part of the AngularJS 2 framework.

The tutorial was fun to put together and it was really cool to see how quickly I could write a directive component and have a project that actually does something.

In the tutorial, we create a directive for a comment box, similar to the comment boxes you see on Facebook. The comment box shows a list of comments and has an input box for you to enter a comment. It's simple and straight-forward but it really shows the new style of AngularJS 2 programming.
In less than 30 minutes you can create an AngularJS 2 project and have a directive up and running. From there you can expand and create an even more awesome super-powered AngularJS 2 web app.

Hope you like the tutorial. Remember, enter 25LEARN to get 25% off the video (only until the end of October, get it today!)

Happy hacking!
Rudolf Olah
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