Subject: LOTTO-TIPS--Friend, $537,396.59--The Biggest Yet!

LOTTO-TIPS--Friend, $537,396.59--The Biggest Yet!

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Hi Friend,

Ken at your screen again.

This is the largest amount won yet with my Silver Lotto System... $537,396.59. Winner Maher M. told me this in his e-mail:


Dear KEN

Its about time for us to cheer up and know
that one day we can tern the table around ,
I am sure you know i got your system 6 months
ago and reading all you newsletters and what
ever updates you post me . last Saturday i
was one of the lucky winners we shared the
big jack (pot) ... This is where we stand
today. 6 provisional winners of $537396.59
each and we are one of the 6 .
... the issue is not winning witch did not
makes us sleep , but where and what to start
with . I am very happy to let you know that
we are looking to buy our first home and that
what we always wish and it cam through .
Maher M.

Congratulations Maher!

There's a bit of history behind this winning. Normally when I get an e-mail telling me of a large winning, I look back through every related email connected with the winner.

Generally I'm looking for some way to authenticate the email, just to check that it is not a hoax. So I research all the correspondence, dates, winning amounts and related information.

Well, in Maher's case I found over three dozen e-mails between him and me. At one stage he even wanted a refund because he was not getting results. I'm glad I was able to persuade him not to!

We both worked very hard for this win.

So here's a lesson for anyone who gets frustrated at not winning immediately after they start my system. Patience and perseverance... there is no substitute for playing regularly and staying enthusiastic!

But of course you could win within a week or two... nobody knows when!


Have you got a win story also? Be sure and email me with your details - I enjoy reading them and sharing with our readers too. And I'll never release your full name or email address either.

I also get a few emails each week from others who are not so lucky. They moan that they've "lost" x dollars.

But these players haven't yet realized that they never actually lose their money. Because a lotto ticket is just an admission ticket that has to be paid for to get into the game. And without it you'll never get a cent.

Winners, however, are different.

They have long realized that there is a price to pay for everything. Just like home owners who are willing to pay more for a beachfront property than an identical house elsewhere, successful lotto players know that they have to pay an entry fee to get in the game.

This 'entry' fee is the cost of the tickets. Without these pieces of paper from the lotto shop, nothing happens.

And you have to pay it, even if your numbers don't come up this time.

But - they may ka-ching for you this week!

Get started now!

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The Silver Lotto System Draw was won today by tre********* Congratulations!

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Happy winning!
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