Subject: L0TT0-TIPS #66--Friend, are you a Silverite?

In this 3-Minute exciting read: 1) Are You a Silverite? 2) Using Small Blocks of Profiles 3) This is YOUR Year! Hi Friend, Ken Silver here again. Let's get down to it right away--I promised you short newsletters from now on... 1) Are You a Silverite? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ With the Honest Lotto System now the #1 Lotto System Website in the World (yes!) the time has come to restrict its popularity. So, in a few day's time it's going to be more expensive to buy. I'm doing this because many of my existing owners want to keep the System secrets for themselves. They think with too many others owning a copy it will reduce their own win amounts - because they might have to share the prize with other players. I agree. Do the sums. $1 mi11ion spread 10 ways doesn't seem like a lot, does it! So while I want to help as many players win as much as possible, I think it's also only fair to protect my current loyal owners and followers. So if you already have a legal copy - rejoice! You own an increasing asset, and your competition is going to get scarcer. In fact, because you're part of a very special group of owners, I have a special name for you. From now on, you and other Honest Lotto System owners are to be officially known as "Silverites." And from the 13th January (an unlucky number for non-Silverites, surely)... which is just a few days away, the Honest Lotto System price will increase by almost a quarter. Yep, up by 25%. No more Mr Nice Guy :-) But you know my System is still far too cheap even at the higher price. It's the cost of a few burgers for a family--anyone can afford it. But I must be tough to be fair to our existing Silverites. If you haven't bought by the 13th January at midnight, you're out of luck in the cheap seats! Here's the place to go for the old price. It's the 8th here today. Get there before the 13th and become a fully fledged _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the 'Silver_ _ _' word!): 2) Using Small Blocks of Profiles ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ If you play the Honest Lotto System with only a few lines out of your Profile each game, you need to know a couple of things: - Yes, playing a small number of lines will bring you wins. But you have to be more patient than if you played more lines as the system recommends. - But don't try and use different sections of the Profiles in each game, because it won’t work as well. The secret is to keep using the exact SAME lines--large or small--for each game. You can play the Honest Lotto System with just a few dollars a game, but it will take you longer to get results. 3) This 2005 is YOUR Year! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ One more thing: This year is YOUR year! It is the year you are going to win big-time! Say after me: "Ken, I am duly confident of a huge win this year!" And to get you there, I'm going to help you as much as I can. I already do more than any other lotto system seller: - I inspect your Profile numbers and check you have filled out the numbers correctly--free. - I send out a newsletter weekly, packed with information--free. - I answer your emails, each and every one personally, within 24 hours--free. But this year, 2005, I am going to do much more for you. There are B-I-G events and changes coming from me! You will be gobsmacked! Everything I do will be to rocket YOU into the winning slot. YOU will be up on a stage this year in front of TV cameras, grinning broadly, holding a giant check with $20 Mi11ion filled out in YOUR name. You will have more friends than hot dinners, more cars than Elton John, more confidence than Donald Trump. Whether it be through the world-beating Honest Lotto System: ...or my time-saving Custom Profiles: ...or my brilliant Winner's Circle & Lotto-80:'s my aim to whisk you into the big-time. Starting now! So stick with me, and hold on for the ride! And if you have a friend or know someone who wants my system for today's price, shoot this email to them fast! Just press "Forward" in your email menu, and write their email address in the "To" field. Tell them about the 13th. They'll thank you for the savings! (Are you a Silverite yet? Get there now: Warm regards, Ken Silver "Helping Lotto Players Become #1 Winners" Honest Lotto System founder, since 1991 Head of the Silverites ------------------------------------- Contact me by email: Write me: Ken Silver Publishing, PO Box 22-183, Khandallah, Wellington 6004, New Zealand. Offices: Silverfern House, Kanpur Rd, Broadmeadows, Wellington 6004, New Zealand ------------------------------------- Want to read back copies of the LOTTO-TIPS newsletter? See: Buy my top-selling Lotto System. Check out my amazing 80.3% winning success rate here: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Friend, you requested this newsletter as or took the Millionaire Test. 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