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Journey On! is a newsletter from Journey to the Heart, a ministry of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Journey On!

August-November 2010 • Volume 2, Number 6

Journey On! 

  "O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out!" (Romans 11:33).

Winter Sky

Trials to Triumphs: Kids Aren't the Only Ones......

A group of mothers getting a team picture at Bond FallsWe are about to hear from a group that we've never featured in this newsletter—mothers!
Here is a testimony from the first full length Mothers Journey, which was held this past September.

"There I was at 5:30 am, 30 minutes into my trip, staring at an ATM which literally ate my credit card—the only form of money I had packed. I wondered if I could physically make it to the Buffalo airport 1 ½ hours from home after wasting an hour backtracking. I had pulled an all nighter due to the excitement and anticipation of the Journey and just trying to tie up loose ends on the home front. At 53 years old with seven children ages 4 to 17, the fatigue was wearing on me. Somehow, I made it…Little did I know that a Psalm I had read earlier in the week would be the focal point of my Journey: “Now also when I am old and greyheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have showed Thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to everyone that is to come” (Psalm 71:18). . . .  

Click here to read the rest of this mothers testimony! 

Life to Life: How Much Do You Know?

Get Ready To Write.OK, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and let's see how well you do on this quiz about Jesus, His life, and His ministry. (No looking anything up, this is a closed book test! :) Each question is worth 10 points.


1) How many demons did Christ cast out of Mary Magdalene?

2) What phrase did Jesus say to the woman healed from the issue of blood?

3) How old was Jesus when He was baptized and began His ministry?

4) Which disciple did Jesus rebuke when the disciple said, “Show us the Father.”?

5) Who was it that surprised Jesus because of his “great faith”?

6) Who were the Jews talking about when they said of Jesus “behold how he loved him.”?

7) Who was the high priest that resided over Jesus' trial?

8) What was Christ doing on the shore after His resurrection when the disciples saw Him from their boats?

9) When the Pharisees tried to trap Jesus about paying taxes what did Jesus say in response?

10) Fill in the blanks: In Him we ____, and ____, and have our _____.

For the answers, and to find out why you had to take this, click here!


Lights for the Way

It's Here! The 2011 Lenspiration Calendar!

Lenspiration 2011 Calendar

This calendar is not only full of Godly inspiration, it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
I can say that with great certainty because I already own one.
I know I know, you're all jealous, and with good reason.

The photographer has not only captured breathtaking images, he has laid them out in a wonderfully tasteful way. It's a calendar you will not be ashamed to hang in a prominent place! With Christmas coming up it would also make a great gift especially since it is so reasonably priced. (And I'm not just saying that!)

To order this special calendar go to our Web Store.

Since it is so close to Christmas, we're going to highlight
a few extra items in case you still need gift ideas.
So click here to read up on more amazing resources!

Christmas MeditationsAs We Are Together - ChristmasSecure in the Everlasting Arms

Stories to Enjoy: In a Foreign Land!

So Many faces, so many stories in the land of Peru.For this issue we really wanted the stories to be encouraging, so we decided to have some stories about the IBLP staff trip to Peru! We have two stories which will make you laugh, and touch your heart. We pray that they will be a blessing! 

The first story is about how God can use anything!  He uses the funniest things to spread His love to others! If you don't really think so, then read this story and you will laugh at what God used to break down walls!Mingling with the children of Peru

The second account will give you the feel of Peru, and the feelings of those in the group, along with a special look into a life hidden away in one of the many seemingly unimportant places!

Click here to read these wonderful stories of God's power and goodness!

Updates and Exciting Happenings!

  KayakingSunlit trees

 That's it folks!
The last Journeys of 2010 are over!

2010 has been an exciting year in which God has been so faithful!
He has brought many young people to Journey so they could seek His face
and get to know Him in a totally new and alive way. And the young people
weren't the only ones!!  God allowed over fifty mothers to come
and do the same! He deserves much glory and praise for the
mighty works that He has done!

But now, for 2011 He is continuing to do amazing things!

We are blessed to be announcing the first ever ten-day
Fathers Journey to the Heart!

On March 12th through March 22nd we will be holding a full ten day Journey for  fathers! Space will be limited so start praying now for God's will about whether your father should go!

But don't worry young people!  We haven't forgotten about you!
We already have dates for 2011!

Lord willing, we'll be starting regular Journeys up again in March with a
Young Mens Journey starting on March 26th through April 5th,
followed by a Young Ladies Journey on April 9th through April 19th.

So start praying and planning. CloudsGirls Journey 

To register for 2011 dates go to:

Life-Changing Opportunities: Taiwan, Hong Kong CI Trip!

Children Being taught in AsiaEver wanted to travel but didn't know where to go or how to go about it? Well here is an incredible opportunity to serve the Lord with a whole team of other Godly young people!

If you love working with children and you want to see the amazing work that God is doing in other parts of the world, than you should talk to your parents, pray, and seriously consider embarking on this adventure to teach Children’s Institutes in Taiwan and Hong Kong! (I told you it was an incredible opportunity!)

If you'd like to know some details like dates, cost, age limits, prerequisites, and other interesting facts like that, then visit the IBLP Global Encounters page.

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