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Journey On! is a newsletter from Journey to the Heart, a ministry of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Journey On!

January 2011 • Volume 3, Number 1

Journey On! 

  "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord"
(Romans 8:38-39).

Winter Time

Something Special: Principles of Prayer

www.projectpray.orgWe have a special guest writer for this Newsletter!

For those of you who have been on a Journey and seen the message "Entertaining God" you have gotten a taste of Doug Small's excitement and zeal for the subject of prayer! Well we are blessed to give you another chance to hear his insights on the life changing, kingdom altering topic of prayer based on Hebrews 11:6.

To read what Pastor Small has to say, click here!

Trials to Triumphs: I Wanted to DO Something, But......

A snowshoeing excursion on the March 2008 Journey! "I did NOT want to go on a Journey, but God didn't let that stop Him!"

This is a testimony, but it is also a challenge. To each of us who wish we could help draw others towards God's love, for those of us who wonder if God can use us, and if so, how? I hope this testimony of God's grace will be a blessing, an encouragement, and a practical thought on how we can do something for God's kingdom.

Click here to read the whole story, and to see how a simple, unimportant person was heard by an almighty God.


Life to Life: How Much Do You Know? Part II

Christ on the Sea Last newsletter I was really mean, (or really nice depending on how you look at it), and I didn’t finish the whole study.  But here we are again, and if you're still interested you can read the rest of my train of thought.

We started with a quiz, just to see how much you knew about some important facts. Then we went on to go through Ephesians 3:19 to try and figure out what God wants us to know, and what the results are.  We left off after the “Fullness of God” and wondering how we get it. So here is the next part! 

For those of you who are just joining us, click here to see the first half of this post.

Lights for the Way

Ministering Melodies: If Eyes Could See

The Steve Pettit Evangelistic TeamIn the quest for music that glorifies God and draws our hearts closer to Him, this CD is a treasure.  With songs of worship both new and old that proclaim God's goodness, and our dependence on Him, this collection will bless you and your family.

This is My Word, a song that reminds us that God's word will never return void. In Christ Alone, a confirming testimony that it is not we who do the saving, but Christ. Jesus I am Resting Resting, a song that reminds us that we are not only safe in Christ, but completely loved by Him. 
These and other songs make up a CD that proclaims the power, and mercy of God.

To see a list of the songs, and to hear samples, go to our web store.

Messages for Life: Eric Liddell, Pure Gold

The Story of Eric LiddellThis is the story of a committed and faithful servant of God who was willing to go against the flow even to the point of giving up his Olympic dream in order to follow his convictions!  Always kind and thoughtful he showered others with love and compassion even up to his death in a Chinese concentration camp.

If you want to be inspired by the life of a humble, and yet truly mighty man of God, here is a book that can do just that.

To learn more about this item go to our web store.

Stories to Enjoy: Would You Give Your Life? He Did.

For the beginning of our year, we have a much more serious story to tell you.  But don't let its seriousness rob you of the unbelievable evidence of God's power and goodness even in the midst of tragedy. 

Eating dinner together a year before they're father's death.

The person you are going to hear about is a real person, the family, a real family, I know that because I know them.  Take this to heart, and allow God to use this story to make you more aware of the needs of others, and more willing to give yourself to show others the love of Christ as He uses you to meet those needs.

Click here to read the account of this man's life and death.


Updates and Exciting Happenings!

Journey Memorization Challenge2011 is here, and so is the next
Journey Memorization Challenge!

Even though it's already started,
it's not too late to join in!

29 verses in 29 days, (give or take a couple).  Memorizing Hebrews 12 during the month of January! This challenge has had an exciting beginning as many people join together in memorizing a chapter from God's Word! Each day there have been, and will be, powerful commentaries, studies, and personal insights   from special people who are excited to be a part of this challenge.

Join in as we start our year off by engrafting God's Word!

To read the daily insights, and to be encouraged as you join with others in this endeavor, go to

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