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Journey On! is a newsletter from Journey to the Heart, a ministry of the Institute in Basic Life Principles.

Journey On!

November 2009 • Volume 1, Number 1

Welcome to Journey On!

Welcome to Journey On!This is the newest venture of the Journey to the Heart office: keeping you updated on a regular basis! Every month we'll be sending out this email newsletter with updates, testimonies, prayer requests, words of life from some personal perspectives, and even some exciting reviews on things to read and listen to. We pray that this will become an encouragement and a blessing to you!

TestimoniesTrials to Triumphs: A Changed Heart!

The beautiful Northwoods"The beautiful and tranquil setting of the Northwoods removed all distractions and enabled me to wholeheartedly focus on God. I had not expected Him to work as powerfully as He did. There are just so many ways that He touched and changed my life.

"In the middle of the week I felt discontent, restless, and frustrated. my team had completed all the ungodly heart conditions, but my own cold and distant one had not broken yet. My guilty conscience tried to tell me that I'd already been changed and broken. However, I was to meet God in a powerful was later that night."

This is the testimony of a young lady searching for a heart after God. For the rest of the story, Read More »

Life to LifeLife to Life: What Happens?

Dark Night Sky"What happens in the midst of the Christian journey when sight is ripped from your eyes and you are ruthlessly left blinded and stunned? Me? I tried desperately to cling tightly to the Lord's hand knowing that if i let go of it, for even the slightest moment, I would be completely lost."

Reflections from the life of Brooke Martens. For the rest of her thoughts: Read More »

Lights for the WayLights for the Way

Lights for the Way"What should I read?" "Where am I supposed to find good music?" Those are questions I ask myself a lot of times, and some of you may wonder the sme thing. This little spot is where we try to answer those two vital inquiries.

We'll be featuring different books and CDs that we consider "Lights For The Way," or, in other words, tools to encourage us and help us stay on the path of holiness that God has called us to.

With Christmas coming up quickly, some of these would even be good for gifts!

MusicMinistering Melodies: Higher Ground

Higher GroundThe CD that we want to highlight is from one of our favorite music sources: the Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team. Their music varies in style and theme, and it speaks to the heart, whether you enjoy light and cheery music, or thought provoking words and melodies.

The CD is called "Higher Ground" and with the penny whistle and guitar playing a large part in the instrumentation, it has a delightful Celtic feel to it. This is one of Mr. Gothard's personal favorites, and it's filled with great songs such as: O Love Divine, Free From Guilt and Free From Sin, Be Thou My Vision, and many more!

View this item in the IBLP Web Store.

BookThe Right Kind Of Reading: A Secret Hope

A Secret HopeFinding books that are not only edifying, but also enjoyable to read, can be a hard task sometimes. But one book that we think will bless you is the book A Secret Hope. "What is the purpose of my life? Why am I here?" These were the questions that Ria Zebua asked, and God answered in unbelievable ways! This unassuming little book contains the capturing story of a woman who had a vision, and had the faith to trust that her God could bring it to pass!

View this item from OMF Books.

Stories to EnjoyStories to Enjoy: An Unexpected Night Intruder

A Little Raccoon FriendWe were sitting in the office, going about our daily business, when Sharon's phone rang. Not out of the ordinary at all. She looked at the caller ID, it was the Northwoods Conference Center, also not out of the ordinary. The story that she heard from the other end of the line...... well, ordinary would be the LAST word to describe it!!

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Stories to EnjoyUpdates and Exciting Happenings!

Flower and BibleWhat's new? Well if you like to memorize Scripture . . . and even if you don't . . . We're announcing our January 2010 Living the Journey Memorization Challenge!

Starting on January 1st we're challenging you to join us in starting our year out with God's Word on the top of the good resolutions list!

Keep your eye on to find out what passage we'll be memorizing!

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