Subject: These foods literally INFLATE your fat cells (AVOID)

Did you know that many of the foods that you regularly eat
are very likely INFLATING your fat cells, just like a balloon or
a car tire?

That means EVERY TIME you eat your belly gets bigger,
your arms get flabbier, and your thighs get even THICKER...

==> AVOID these fat-INFLATING foods (Do NOT eat these...please!)

At the same time, when you eat certain other foods, like the
five foods my good friend and "rogue nutritionist" Dr. Jonny
Bowden shows you at the link below, your fat cells will
literally begin to SHRINK and quickly deflate.

Clearly, you need to make sure you are eating THESE foods,
and NOT the foods at the link above.

==> These five foods SHRINK your fat cells (eat these daily)

Enjoy the info!