Subject: Watch out people. Bitcoin is on a rampage!!!

Hey Friend

So in my last email I shared with you the levels I'm watching in bitcoin and it wasn't a surprise when BTC smashed through my level 1 and 2 predictions (remember this is not a signal because I don't do signals) but it looks like it's gearing up for another move up and I'm excited to see it's current position.

I'll be watching out for these key support equals resistance levels for bitcoin so make sure you are too ;-) 

Level 1: $6498
Level 2: $6831
Level 3: $9545   <<< Fingers crossed next level up
Level 4: $10,753

If you didn't watch the video where I share these key levels then you can watch it below and also I want to make sure you guys are all getting my emails so could I ask you guys to help me see if you guys are getting my emails by just commenting in the video below (Sunny,email received). That would be much appreciated 

P.S: I have recently used an application to remove inactive friends so if it removed you I want to apologise and let you know that it was not intentional and I welcome you to send me another friend request or just continue to follow me via Facebook.

Have an awesome day!!! See you on my next LIVE.

**Crypto trading is risky so knowing that if you go into a trade with me you are doing so at your own risk and if the trade goes against you then I cannot be held responsible for that.**

Sunny Hussain, Wolverhampton Road, Walsall, West Midlands WS1 4DY, United Kingdom
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