Subject: Exciting times ahead in the Crypto world Friend!!!

Hey Friend
I hope you are having an amazing day!!!

Since starting my trading journey, I've met some wonderful people and as I gained more knowledge from what I'm learning in the Crypto-space through personal development and having many different mentors I felt this desire to do something greater than myself. ✊

So I decided to empower you guys with the knowledge I'm gaining so you too can develop the skills to determine and analyse a good coin without over-relying on signal services to make a good judgement.

Some of the things I've been sharing with you guys are:

1) LIVE coin analysis
2)Candlestick patterns
3) Market updates via voice note
4) Potential coins I'm looking into
5) Sending out personal tips and resource via email
6) General current market psychology and trends
7) and ICO's

This is just the tip of the iceberg! I have much more to share with you all and as I grow in this phenomenal industry those who are watching and joining my LIVE's, I'm sure you'll also grow with me.

Just to make sure we don't miss each other because of our busy Facebook news feed make sure you have the following (See First) buttons ticked on my Facebook profile according to the picture below so that way we will also be connected and not miss each other. ??

May prosperity and abundance reach you!?

P.S I hope you enjoyed my recent video where I met the Electroneum team yesterday. That was my way of eradicating fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) for myself and not following the masses. I hope you enjoyed that video which was in 3 parts. If you missed it you can WATCH IT HERE
Sunny Hussain, Wolverhampton Road, Walsall, West Midlands WS1 4DY, United Kingdom
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