Subject: Edgar Cayce predicted World War III and the destruction of Japan

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Volcano of Santorini

Hello again Friend. I've just come back to the hotel, after a full day of
trekking around Santorini and up the volcano in the center of the island, and
sailing around its islands.

Apparently its eruption 70,000 years was 12 times larger than the eruption of
the Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia...

(Krakatoa exploded in 1883, an eruption equivalent to 13,000 times the
nuclear yield of the Little Boy bomb that devastated Hiroshima... That eruption
killed over 36,000 people...)

The Santorini volcanic eruption caused a massive 1,000-metre high wave that
destroyed the civilization in Crete and hit Egypt to the South in under a minute.

"I sat next to a guy in business class yesterday..."

Talking about nuclear events in Japan, I just checked my emails and saw this
strange yet fascinating message from one of my friends:

"Hey Mark, it was great seeing you last weekend at Corinna's wedding!

I'm headed back to Thailand and I wanted to share with you a conversation I had
on my flight from LAX to Tokyo...

He's a big institution bond trader headed to Tokyo to tell his clients to pull everything
out of Japan.  He would not tell me the company he worked for, but his company
trades only with clients who have more than $500 million liquid.

He was telling me that Japan is the next fall and it will make EU look like
Have you heard anything about this?

He was saying that the Tsunami devastation has really not been completely
disclosed, and that there is much more radiation than expressed so far and that
Japan has no money to clean it up.

(this guy said that no country has the necessary funds to stop the radiation

Apparently there are some fuel rods that they can't resolve and that the Radiated
Tuna being found off the coast of the US is just the tip of a giant radiation iceberg
that's been spilling into the North Pacific.

Their clients in the US and EU have already been warned and he's meeting with
this clients today and tomorrow and between the US, EU, and Japanese clients,
they are delicately pulling out of all Japanese instruments this week and next.

He said that there wouldn't be much press on this yet,  but that he hopes to have
80% of the funds he oversees out before the news breaks.

He said that the Japanese financial fall will be bigger than all others
combined to date.

I had 11 hours with this guy and he sounded legit."

Few people know this, but American psychic Edgar Cayce said in the 1920s
that 'The greater part of Japan must go back to the sea'...

He also predicted a third world war...

Find out more here: 

What do you think about the email above and Edgar Cayce's
predictions Friend?

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“More companies should let their employees work from home. I always have.”

Laptop billionaire Richard Branson, quoted at The National Achievers Congress in Sydney.

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Study: by the time a boy is 21 years old, he’s spent 10,000 hours playing video games alone.

Source: Robert Levine, social psychologist

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point"Hi Mark, before I became an internet marketer I was a roofer in the construction industry.
In October 2007 I had an accident at work where I fell through the roof I was working
on and injured my back. I carried on working, but was in constant pain.

I knew that I couldn't continue with roofing, so I began looking for alternative ways
to make money. At the time my brother-in-law had just started an internet business
and was having huge success with it. So I turned to the internet myself.

I had no idea what I was doing, and I fell for the usual hype, scams and get rich quick schemes.
Then I heard about affiliate marketing and list building.

[…] My first defining moment was when I attended your List Building Masterclass Seminar.

August 2009 was when I first began to build my list. By December 2009
(4 months later!) I had over 10,000 subscribers and I was earning an average of $14,000 per month.

[…] To this day I'm still following my core business model of
providing true value and building 'tribes' of loyal subscribers.” - Ben Brooks

--> The moral of the story:  BUILD YOUR LIST and ADD VALUE to your subscribers!    :)


"Hello Mark, this is rose again.I just wanted to tell you I read your book while
at work a week ago 11pm to 5pm. I am rereading this week to make sure I
didn't miss anything.

All of the information is wonderful and easy to understand.I love it and can't
wait till you do another one.I wish you had a affiliate program to sell it to
those who need specialized information on making serious money like I need.
thanks ,and keep sending me the good free insights for money making programs."


"Hi Mark, for over 35 years I have founded, developed and ran a chain of very
successful retail natural food stores.  A year ago I sold my stores and have been
employed as a manager by my buyer. 

Over the last 10 to 15 years I have seen the world of bricks and mortar retail
changing dramatically.  Profits are becoming harder and harder to squeeze out
and taxes on just about every level take what little you have left. I haven't even
mentioned the world of "required" business insurance and payroll.  Needless to
say, the barriers stacked against the little guy are becoming enormous. 

I have now been un-employed for about a month. I happened to run across your
while traveling and I gotta tell you...what a Godsend! 

Over the last several years I have believed that online retail and product fulfillment
is definitely the way that the "cheese" has moved in retail sales and your book has
just seared that belief. 

Thanks to your book, my wife and I are now re-inventing ourselves by becoming
online marketers, retailers and laptop entrepreneurs. 

I am slowly building my list (fishing pond) of names and emails.  I have opened our
flagship online storefront at and started an interactive,
online Q & A blog called Ask Mr. Vitamin. 

By the way I have also had my column published in a monthly, regional fitness magazine. 

Anyway,  I will have to admit that I just turned 54 and to change my way of seeing,
thinking and doing has been a challenge.  Despite the step by step help from your
book it is still taking a lot of time, energy and effort to wrap my thick head around
the online principles you are teaching. 

Someday I do hope to attend one of your seminars (ever make it to Fla.?) in the
meantime I am proud to wear the new emblem of one of your Laptop
Great Job!"
Mark Egan

==> Thank you Rose and Mark! :))

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