Subject: "We are children of chance under the August sun."

We are all children of chance...

Sweet Surprises with Small Collectibles .  Mirada is the best!  
New Horse Clients in North Carolina  .  Mojo is back.
In the Spirit of the Paint . August 2015

"Remember to be gentle with yourself and others. We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun."  Kent Nurbern
  • Collectors: Sweet Surprises SUMMER RELIEF with Small Collectibles.  Only for the rest of the month of August will you get Summer Relief when you purchase a "Small Collectible" online.  When you checkout use the coupon code "summersend2015"   and receive 20 percent off.  If I have time I will post a few more new ones but there is a nice group to chose from. Click here to find your favorites at 20% off.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
  • Mirada Fine Art, Denver, Colorado   THANKS  to Steve Sonnen and his staff at Mirada.  This past few weeks five of my paintings left Mirada for new homes. I am painting a new group of work for them. If you find something special at Mirada this month, let Steve know you saw this in this newsletter and he will honor a special price for you from me. 
  • North Carolina here I come.   I was contacted by an architectural firm near Asheville that is in the midst of designing and building some beautiful new homes for new arriving Horse People.  One of the architects remembered my work and he contacted me directly and I was able to connect him to both Mirada and to Kasum Contemporary in OKC for two beautiful pieces to ship out to a new client. More thanks passed around here as well!                                                                                                                 
  • MOJO is back!  I have been busy back at the easel again.  Below is one of my favorites headed to Mirada. 32 x 48 inches of 30 tubes of oil paint without impasto...pure thick oils.                                                                                           
 Oil on Canvas 32 x 48 

Totes for Gifts 

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Horses, flowers, people and more. 
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In Appreciation for You

With each monthly newsletter there is a 'gift-away' painting
to be given to one of you on my subscribe list. Watch each month for the painting and the winner. Thank you as always for your love, kindness and support.

Gifted August Painting:

8 x 10
Oil on Canvas Panel

Eric Guy 
                         JULY Gift Away

In July Angelic Waddell was chosen for the give away but she was given the choice of a painting specially done for her.  Painted to Jack Johnson's "Better Together", that became the name of this painting.

It honors Angelic's mother, Charlene, who left this world all too early in life. She was a woman that made everyone feel special. The two horses are traveling next to each other, obviously invested in a relationship, but not touching.  The strength is between their hearts and spirits. 

Better Together
24 x 24 Oil on Canvas

Thank you Angelic for allowing me to paint this special piece for the July Gift Away. 
  • "None can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun" I certainly felt this way with the slower sales early this summer and wham the end of July hit with a bang and August broke out with fields blossoming all around me.                      
  • Finding direction in this 108 degree heat.  In this kind of heat, your heart is not into doing much! I took a break from painting for about six weeks. As you might remember I painted non stop for two months in Feb and March for two different shows and then in May a new gallery in OKC and more painting.   My blog has always focused on new work but that may change.  With deep prayer over the past two months, I feel like I will be cutting back on painting and only doing a limited amount of work each year for my galleries.  I am not sure about the small collectibles as many of them are mock ups for larger paintings.                                                                                                           
  •  As you know we are still adjusting to a full house.  I am still thinking about blogging about our experiences which are pretty entertaining.  Still unpacking boxes and clearing floors so we can clean them! We are really enjoying the granddaughters and we have a new grandson due in October. They live across the street.  God is certainly good.     Please email me if you have comments to share.                                                                                                                          
  • The changing studio with new MOJO ...  My expectations are way different than the way the paint wants to go.  Trusting the spirit to speak through the paint is the only way for things to evolve naturally.  Stop by my VIDEO page on the website and you can catch the latest paintings. Click through here. They are always full of energy and expression.                                                                
  • Music in the evenings. I have been trying to play my guitar for an hour each night. I did not realize how much I missed it!

Tetons First Snow

24 x 48 Inches Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas

The painting will not arrive there until early September. 


       Native Herd Sunrise

36 x 48  Inches Oil on Canvas

Poison Creek Design


Should arrive there in about a week

Summer shines.  Well... August has arrived and today it was 108 degrees.  No rain for the past 34 days...not a drop to be had.  We are carefully watering trees, flowers and the yard. Glad to see Summer coming to an end. I love fall and the first days of winter. 

Remember please keep those emails coming... I love love love all your emails.  I recently heard from Rick S. in Florida.  He paints and does fabulous photography.  I have never met Rick, but we have stayed in touch since 2007.  He signed up for my newsletter and then he wrote me about our connection through the years. It warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face.   

Thank you for your belief in my art. You inspire me daily and I look forward to checking my email each morning. This month I have heard from  many of you and I look forward to all your emails.  

Laurie Pace

Artists: Workshops Please let me know if you are interested in a workshop in your area. Email me and we can get something set up. Meanwhile, I am planning one here in North Texas in the Dallas/Ft Worth Area and choosing dates. Let me know if summer or fall is better for you.
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