Subject: Roses and Thorns

March 2016 

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  ― Abraham Lincoln

From the Studio:

Humm, The House Sold.  We decided to take the leap this leap year and sell our large home and downsize to make our footprint a tiny bit smaller.  We made our "Gerald List" and pushed over a ten day period to get the house ready and it sold to the second couple that looked at it the Sunday it hit the market. 

Problem is we have not found a place to live. We made a second "Gerald list" and decided to try and stay in our same area to be near our kids and grandchildren.The dilemma is there is only ONE home available in the smaller sizes and it is a tad small. We envisioned 2000-2400 sq feet and it is only 1860 sq feet.  I am having struggles on studio size and where my baby grand will end up. By this time next month I will know if we are staying here or moving back out to Mount Vernon where we lived before we moved here. There I would have a full studio space and lots of room to roam. Might be lonely though. Would miss those Grandchildren.

Today... I am painting for a show at Mirada, WILD WEST in June as well as for a new gallery in the Finger Lake Region with a FLOWER show in May. 

The soccer painting in the picture above is one painted 16 years ago for our son's apartment in college. I had so much fun painting it and have thought about painting impressionistically like this again. 

This year, right now, take the time...

Stop and smell the roses. 
Live in the NOW.

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Husband Terry has to create new flower beds and plant me more roses! I am a blessed wife to have flowers surrounding me through his gardens.

Laurie Pace

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