Subject: All You Need is Love

February 2016 

“All you need is love. 
But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt." 

― Charles M. Schulz

From the Studio:

Hearts are ringing.  Good intentions were to paint some hearts to have for you on the website. and some horses with hearts for you as well.  Somehow good intentions fell behind with life happenings. 

Lotus Love This month I have spent many days and weeks on this painting.  38 x 58 inches in size and it is oil on canvas. It is for a wonderful friend that lives across the seas from us. She is a remarkable woman with a deep love and respect for life and personal growth. The Lotus flower symbolized many important things in life. The story she shared that truly stuck with me was how the lotus flower grows and where you normally find them.  They grow out of the dirtiest filthiest water you can image.  Out of the murky mess blooms this beautiful loved flower opening its petals to the world.  It is said they rise up above the mud to flower that day and at night sink back into the mire to bloom again unstained the next day.  The Lotus is associated with spiritual awakening or enlightenment.  If you want to view the video of the painting in progress to finish, click here. 

Experimental Stuff.  I decided to experiment this month with some new approaches to my small pieces in the cradled wood. This time I decided to try sketching on the wood first.  Next I applied some paints and I am still working on the piece, so it is not done, but I am learning and playing and discovering new things on the journey. That is something we all need to do in life. Read and see pictures here of my progress of Sketching and Painting on Wood. 

Family Decisions from the Heart. After our daughter and her family moved out and the upstairs echoed in emptiness and Terry began painting over the pink room... we know it is time to put our house on the market and downsize closer to where we were four years ago. Hopefully more details to come.  Meanwhile I have to think about studio space! Anyone need a beautiful 1940's solid oak drafting board with both a center draw and side draw? Email me!

Yeah Yeah AGAIN....WORKSHOPS! So much for extended space with moving, I am still going to teach from my studio here or there. OR anywhere!  I have several students lined up for one day sessions painting with me.  Email me if you are ready to come twirl your knife with me.

Chocolate DOES make everything better.
“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” ― Lao Tzu

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Share the love!

Laurie Pace

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Only a Few Signed Copies from me.
I have just a few hardbacked copies of my book that I have available just in February if you want one. Ready to ship out to you today.

 Pencil Sketching on Wood.
  I wrote about this above in my letter but did NOT want you to miss it! Sketching on Wood was surprisingly delightful and satisfying. I cannot wait to do more!

January Winner
This month the gift that goes out is NOT a painting but something else near and dear and hopefully enjoyed! See who won or stop by here and buy one for yourself.

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