Subject: Cobbler Crust or Paint?

December 2015 

Apple Cobbler Crust, Brown Sugar and Cinnamon.
It is deep into Fall and Winter coming soon.

It looked like the world was covered in a cobbler crust of brown sugar and cinnamon.” - Sarah Addison Allen, First Frost
From the Studio:

Fall arrived with slightly cooler days... and we finally had rain over Thanksgiving. Thank you again for being here with me. You truly make the difference in my day each and every day. I look forward to checking my email each morning and love to find notes from you.  Fall brings apple cobbler to the table weekly along with our favorite soups and bean recipes. 

I spent this last month cleaning out the studio and shared the found treasures with another artist here in Texas. I am hoping they are put to good use. I gave up all my Open Acrylics, many of my student acrylics (some were new and untouched), new brushes, new books, new canvas and more. 

Our household is preparing for the holidays and just began the "Advent" into Christmas. Each day we light candles (one for each week till Christmas) and follow scripture to fill the week.  This week is also the celebration of Hanukkah for many of our friends. Whatever is your belief, I hope we share a common desire for Peace upon this Earth.

I am still working on getting a workshop together 
for those of you that want to explore the spirit of the paint. With a new grandson here, at five weeks of age... I have been busy finishing his baby quilt and not lining up the venue! You will hear from me soon.

Please share my newsletter with a friend. You never know who is going to win the painting next month. Sign up for my Weekly Journal if you have not. Once a week on Monday Morning it arrives. 

Happy Holidays!
Laurie Pace

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8 x 8 Cradled Panels
In with the Small Collectibles Available 
 are my new 8 x 8 Cradled Panels, ready to hang and perfect for holiday gifts. Watch for new ones!

    4 Spirits . 1 Canvas         This month's story is about the spirit that goes into the canvas. This painting was taken through four compositions before complete.

December Painting Winners 
December is my big gift away month!  Check back to this link to see the winning collectors for the Twelve Days of Christmas.

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