Subject: Friend! The #Gout Killer News is here! 7.30.12 (The Best Gout Treatment?)


Gout Killer NEWS!


How did all this get started?

The Gout Killer? LOL! The fact of the matter is that I just stumbled onto fixing my gout and thought, "hey, there's probably a lot of people who want to know about this!" . . . that's how it all began. 

And "prevention" was sort of top-of-mind . . . I mean, it's a hell of a lot easier to prevent gout, than it is to deal with it after it's struck . . . if you know what I mean.

What was really confusing to me Friend, was that they told me the drugs would do that . . . but they didn't. My uric acid levels fluctuated but were in the acceptable range - so why was I still getting gout? Maybe you've asked yourself the same question.

Well let me give you the ANSWER: the drugs are just trying to cover up the slow, insidious damage you're doing on the inside that's causing the gout in the first place. 

Drugs are like credit cards . . . sooner or later, you gotta pay. 

Anyway, I've been having to do some adding and upgrading to my site and I had to do a new page on Gout Prevention - it's another long one, but here's a small chunk of it:

Everyone has different ideas of what “prevention” means to them. Due to thorough and reinforced indoctrination by the pharmaceutical industry and the AMA, relatively the entire population has come to associate drugs with health. This could not be anything farther from the truth. Think back and remember: drugs are for sicknesses that you’ve already found yourself battling – prevention is how you stop them from happening in the first place.

Gout drugs like Allopurinol work to reduce uric acid levels. This of course is a good idea if you’ve got too much . . . and if you don’t care how you got too much. The fact of the matter is that 90% of the people with high uric acid levels and gout, don’t produce TOO MUCH uric acid . . . they simply can’t get rid of what they have made, fast enough. But hey, there’s more that one way to skin a cat, right?

(click here for the rest of the Gout Prevention page)

One more time Friend, I never had any idea when I first got the flash of an idea to tell the rest of the world what I'd found out, that it would all go this far . . . and I've only really begun! I've got a lot of important work ahead of me!

Moving on.

Last week I asked, "what do you say to yourself when you think a gout attack is about to get you?" - and the common response was, "what did I eat?" 

Eating is certainly one way we become too acidic - with uric acid and a lot of other acidic substances - but not the only way. If you read the rest of my Prevention page I get into it much more there. 

But here's a hint: Air - Water - Food . . . "food" is last on the list for a reason. 

But Friend I realized I fu . . . screwed up . . . the question I really meant to ask is:

  • When you start to get that little tingle or ache of what might be a gout attack coming on, what is the EMOTION that comes out first? Anger? Fear? Anxiety? Frustration? What is it?

You have no idea how valuable your answer is, so please, hit the reply button and let me know what an impending gout attack does to you on the inside of your brain!

I appreciate you checking out all my ranting and rambling about gout! 

Bert, The Gout Killer!    

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