Subject: Feeling Annoyed by Someone You Love?

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I've received a few emails over the past few weeks with questions about what you can do when you are feeling deeply annoyed or upset with someone you love.

This can be really difficult especially when we are living with the person that is aggravating us the most. Here are a few simple things that really help you to get emotionally clear so you can choose how best to respond.

1. Identify what it is that you are feeling. This seems really basic but most people don't do it. They just know they're bugged but don't think about it much beyond that. It's important to take time with yourself to
understand your feelings and get clear, so you can choose carefully the best way to respond. So, what are you feeling
exactly? Are you feeling hurt, angry, disturbed, annoyed? Get as specific as you can.

2. Allow yourself to feel what you feel without judgement. Doing the neurovascular hold helps you to do this. To do the hold, just lay one hand across your forehead and the other across the back of your head just above the neck. (Click here to see the video "how to" for this.)
While doing this hold, take some deep breaths
and say:
 "Even though I'm feeling angry and hurt right now, I'm open
to finding a new way to see this problem. Even though I'm having a hard time even looking at this person, I appreciate me and I'm open to understanding myself and this situation better. I'm open to understanding what it is that I need and how best I can communicate that. I'm open to remembering that I really do love and appreciate this person, I'm just upset right now." Take a few more deep breaths while doing the neurovascular hold. This will keep the blood in the reasoning part of your brain and stop the fight or flight response.

3. Ask yourself, "The part of me that's feeling (angry, hurt, annoyed, ect.) what does that part of me need?" Are you needing to feel heard? Are you needing some emotional support? More support with the workload around the house? Are you needing to feel included? Valued? Appreciated? Are you needing more connection?

4. Ask yourself, "What can I do to get this need met? Is there a kind way that I can communicate this need? What do I need to do differently to break this pattern of aggravation?

These kinds of questions are really great to help you get clear, understand yourself, and choose how best to respond to difficult situations.

Sometimes everything going on seems to annoy us because there are painful, old issues that haven't been healed and released so we might feel a huge emotional
reaction to small things. If you find yourself blowing up, or feeling really hurt over little things, I highly recommend the "Smile Again" Home study program and some one on one healing sessions. When you can heal and release the hidden core issues, you feel a deep sense of peace and contentment. It's so much easier to enjoy your family and loved ones when old hurts aren't constantly being triggered.
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