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Upcoming Events
Fertility, Your Natural Love Story

• Are you wanting to become pregnant and maximize your chances of conceiving?
• Do you want to come off hormonal or barrier contraceptives?
• Have you ever wondered what hormones govern the female cycle and how to detect common cycle irregularities?

This educational presentation will offer information and resources about fertility awareness and reproductive health for both the purposes of helping couples conceive and helping those wanting to avoid pregnancy naturally.
Register here for this event.

Looking for other events? Join us at our on-site events and learn from health, nutrition, and botanical experts at Georgetown Market.
You are what You Eat

The mentality of wanting to know where our food comes from is growing, as we have in the past distanced ourselves from the source what we eat. This change in trends may be due to health issues many have encountered due to the strange ingredients in food today. So many packaged goods come with high levels of fructose corn syrup and preservatives and fruits and vegetables are filled with growth hormones and pesticides that you have to wonder what you are actually consuming. So wanting to have more organic and locally grown foods is a completely understandable. That’s why we partner with local vendors to get the best fresh foods and products to you.

Check out our latest blog on this topic and read about some of our local partners!
From Rick’s Desk
Watch for the upcoming Healthy Living blog post from owner, Rick Montieth, in our mid-month enews! 
Employee Spotlight

Sam, our Grocery manager, has been with us about 10 years. He loves promoting healthy living, planning merchandise sets, and working for an independent, small business. Sam's expertise is in merchandising, product selection, and product pricing; skills that he has obtained while working for Georgetown Market. He provides a good selection of healthy and unique items for the customer to choose from. And he does everything to get the best price possible, as well as, providing a clean and well-merchandised store for the customer to enjoy.
Featured Product:
Fuel your body and enlighten your mind with these pre-workout protein powders.

What’s New:
Georgetown Market updates new products to nourish your body and soul! Check out these new options for your greater health and wellness!
Our Favorites:
Who doesn’t want to take a giant spoonful of a cake and share it with the one you love. Check out our Gluten Free Vegan Lava Cakes for 2
Monthly savings from Georgetown!

Stop in to Georgetown Market and take advantage of significant savings on tons of wholesome products, on sale this month. Don’t wait, these incredible deals are only valid through the end of this month. Get your savings now!
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