Subject: StarburstLand Newseltter #3

Newsletter #3, November 1, 2016
New Starburst Release: ADRENAX
Adrenax hales from the village of Villamiroglio in Northern Italy. With a population of < 400 people, there’s a truly unique closeness of community here. Recently Roberto and Starburst Records collaborated on a 10 song album fusing the sensibilities of Italian and American cultures. Straight from Northern Italy to the center of your heart, we are pleased and proud to present to you….Adrenax!
100 Royalty Free Tracks
The well of music generated by the artists of Starburst Records is thousands of tracks deep. Recently we ferreted out 100 of our best tracks, many of which have been used by such prestigious advertisers as Coca Cola, Nicelodeon and Bayer, and together with numerous stems of each, are offering up 495 total tracks within a heavily discounted perpetual licensing agreement for only $299. Click here for details.
Happy Halloween!
Secure your FREE Halloween Music download by clicking here:

Grammy Awards Update
Round One Voting Ballot currently underway includes the following songs and albums by Starburst Records Artists!

Record of the Year:
Let Me Breathe featuring Bobby Sahlen
Deja Voodoo featuring Leslie Sahlen
Sister Senorita featuring Lorena Robles
Ten to Twenty featuring Michael Lusk

Album of the Year:
The Great Jazz Swindle by Nery Bauer
Dull Unconscious Man by Stuck With Green

Song of the Year:
Feather in the Wind from Rapazzi Ready to Strike Album

Best Rock Album of the Year:
Ready to Strike, Rapazzi
Dull Unconscious Man, Stuck With Green

Best Country Solo Performance:
Big Shot featuring Tana Threadgill

Best Country Album:
Contrasts featuring Michael Lusk

Jazz Instrumental Album of the Year:
The Great Jazz Swindle by Nery Bauer

Best American Roots Song:
Back To You featuring Leslie Sahlen

Best Folk Album of the Year:
The San Carlos Sessions, Bobby & Leslie Sahlen

Best Remixed Recording:
Stuck With Green's album: D.U.M. Protilius Remix, Engineered and re-mixed by Nathaniel Jones
Nery Bauer
Director of Sales and Marketing
Starburst Records

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