Subject: StarburstLand Newseltter #10

Newsletter #10, June 1, 2016
New Starburst Release: Por Amor
The new Lorena Robles album has been released! Its a collaborative work of Lorena Robles & Johnny Starburst, Lorena's 3rd worldwide release since joining Starburst Records!

New Albums in the works!
Starburst's artists are nothing if not highly productive! We always have new work in the hopper including the following upcoming albums:

- A new album by Peter Cleveland (photo), featuring noted Venezuelan Pianist Andres Giron;

- A Brazilian Portuguese Album, collaborative effort of Nery Bauer, Marcelo Mendes & Johnny Starburst;

- Stuck With Green/Evan Zappa Collaboration Album # 3;

- A 4th album with Lorena Robles is also in the works!
Leslie's PopUp Planet Sync Podcast Interview!
Click image to listen!
Grammy Awards Update
We are looking forward to attending the Latin Grammys in November in Las Vegas & The 60th Annual Grammys in NYC in Jan 2018!
Music Video Updates:
Starburst Records' music videos are being very well received by the fans!

Lorena Roble's La Bruja video is approaching nearly 50K views! 

Bobby Sahlen's cover of Muse's Supermassive Black Hole is close to 14K views on Facebook and also doing well on YouTube!
Nery Bauer
Director of Sales and Marketing
Starburst Records

Starburst Records, 51 Howard Street, N. Dartmouth, MA 02747, United States
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