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The mindset of a winner - it is what separates innovators from the laggards.

Every entrepreneur or successful person you speak to will talk about their vision. Not all will talk about their mindset and determination to succeed. Because, for most successful people, it is a state of being that drives every action, their foundation and inner strength.

In September, I had the privilege of attending Commonwealth Bank’s 6th Annual Women in Focus Conference in Noosa and meeting some inspirational and courageous women and men. It was an event packed with people who see opportunities in the world around them and challenge the status quo with a positive mindset. One of my favourite quotes from the event was by Kate Mihell from CBA who said, “Time is ticking. Be what you want to be, do what you want to do.”

Reflecting under the theme Conversations and Collaborations, the inspirational likes of Andy Lark - the founder of Xero, Rosie Batty, and Dr Jordan Nguyen shared how they overcame obstacles, disrupted markets and become successful. It was wonderful to share this experience with Lauren Hall and Alison Covington from our Founders Circle who were also present.

Australia has a rich tradition of philanthropy and people who give time, money and services to help those in need. I recently talked about the changing nature of philanthropy and impact investing in LBD Gloss magazine. The article also has some brilliant insights from Alison Covington, CEO of Good360.

All of us have a vision; it just might take some of us longer to achieve it. In this newsletter, our expert contributors share their tips using positive mindset to achieve more.

Finally, change has been the only constant the last few weeks, from the heart wrenching refugee crisis to our politics. As forces bigger than us continue to disrupt, it falls upon us to think positively about the opportunities presented by the changes and help shape a better world. It starts with our mindset and blooms into something bigger. Let’s be the change we want to see.

With Gratitude,

Renata Cooper
Founder & CEO

Cangratulations to the recipients of the Kickstart Your Business grant
Huge congratulations to the founders of DCC, Valeria Ignatieva and Gemma Lloyd, on this great achievement. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Meet the Mentors Day on 27th October 2015 at The Ventura Co-working Space.

"We are very excited about being selected by the judges and look forward to accelerating Diverse City Carriers growth with the help of Forming Circles Global and the mentors" - Valeria & Gemma
Amber Daines
Speaking up is everything when it comes to being heard and generating real influence
post-info October 13, 2015 - By Amber Daines 
Masterful speaking is essential to stand-out in business leadership today and in many ways, always has been. While the online world has opened up a plethora of at-your-desk platforms to easily and quickly share your views, your breakthroughs, your hardships, and put it out there like never before, the spoken word remains powerful.
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Success Mindset
Thinking About Success
post-info October 13, 2015 - By Kim McGuiness
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right”

These words by Henry Ford have been imprinted on my brain for a very long time. They are the words I say to myself when I think I can’t. They are the words I say to myself when things don’t go to plan and they are the words I say to myself when I’m having a really bad day.
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Run Your Body Like Your Business
Run Your Body Like Your Business - Top 5 Fit Tips To Bring Balance Back While Running A Business
post-info October 13, 2015 - By Nikki Fogden-Moore
The best way to achieve wellness when you’re running your business full steam ahead, is to re­set your perspective on what a winning week, health and well being really looks like.

Throw out the old rules of long workouts and strict diets. Start doing regular exercise you enjoy and schedule your weekly fitness goals based around your schedule. It’s time to run your body like you do your business.
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Social Media for Business
10 Tips to Sizzle on Social Media
post-info October 13, 2015 - By Lee Ussher
There’s no denying that social media should be a part of any marketing plan in some form or another. But with all the options available, whether it be targeted audience advert campaigns, lead funnel offers, or simply relationship building, it can become a distracting daily task that shifts your mind off the ‘bigger picture’.

These 10 tips will help you keep focused and avoid any ‘social downtime’
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