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Highlights from the Blog
Here are some great posts you may have missed on the blog this past month:

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Great Sales this Month
Emergency Essentials is having a 25% off sale on their Mountain House cans through the end of June.

Sun Ovens has a "Spring into Preparedness" package available with their Sun Ovens ONLY through June 20th.  Two pots with lids, two loaf pans, three stacking dehydrating/baking racks, one roll of parchment paper, and a Water pasteurization indicator. The Sun Oven alone is $255, and with the package it is $295. Those prices include shipping.  Contact me to order:
Thrive Foods has their freeze dried red and regular bell peppers as well as their chile peppers on sale this month--We love these at our house!  Check out the sale flyer and contact me to get the sale price.
Five Great Summer Activities to Learn Survival Skills
Summer is in full swing around here.  With the kids home from school, and warm weather abounding, there are lots of opportunities to teach self reliance and survival skills.  Here are five of my favorites:

1. Plant a garden.  Put something in the dirt and take care of it.  It's not too late to plant short season crops in most of the US, so go get some summer squash, green beans, or early tomatoes and get them in the ground!  If you don't have a piece of ground, grow something in a pot.  Y'all in the hot southern climates should probably wait until it's fall planting time.

2. Go camping.  Live in a tent, cook off grid, practice your fire starting and first aid skills.  We recently returned from a 5 day camping trip with only a couple of first aid incidents--a burned hand and cut finger.  For extra fun, leave all the electronic gadgets at home.

3. Go for a hike.  This can be in conjunction with your camping trip if you'd like, but can be accomplished any other day as well.  Hike in the woods and figure out where and how you could build the best shelters.  Practice using a map and compass.  Test out a water filter with a drink from a stream.  Know any wild edibles? See if you can find them, but only if you're certain you know what you're eating!

4. Go swimming.  Instead of just another day at the pool, learn or practice some life saving techniques.

5.  Shoot something.  Get out and get some target practice with your rifle, shotgun, or pistol.  I did a short 4 part series on firearm basics a while back, so if you need a refresher, start here: Safety and Parts of a Gun. Click through the links at the bottom of that post to get to the other articles.

Any time you can get outside and enjoy a little "away from technology" time is a bonus!  What other summer activities to you enjoy doing that help learn or teach preparedness or survival skills?
Ask and Chat with Me!
I'll be a guest on The Survival Mom's ask and chat webinar Thursday, June 28th at 7pm CENTRAL.  If there's something you'd like to have discussed, let me know and be sure to join in during the webinar!  All the details are here: Survival Mom Webinars
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