Subject: [URGENT] Two ways to help me fund charity


Hello everyone! Hope you had a happy and relaxing thanksgiving,
filled with food and fun and family and friends and football (just 
not the Jets. Eeeesh.) 

Anyway, in the spirit of thanksgiving and being grateful for what 
I have, I've decided to try and use the shopping-centric event
that is Black Friday to help raise money for charity.

And I would love YOUR help!

I am working with charities in TWO ways, and you get to choose 
how to participate. 

Here's the set up:

FIRSTLY, I want to do my part to help feel hungry people in my
city. I make a living creating products that help people who 
want to get fit and healthy...but, most people want to lose fat.

I feel that there is some sort of poetic justice in collecting money
from people who--like me!--sometimes have too much to eat, and
using that money to serve people who have too little to eat.

That's why I've put together a special sale to help feed the hungry.

This is the first--and probably only--time I've done this, and so
in order to create the biggest impact possible...I've assembled 
something I'm calling the Roman SUPER PACK. 

And an awesome pack it is: it's comprised of EVERY program that
I've ever released. Every. Single. One. 

All of my programs for a RIDICULOUS price -- you need to see it
to believe it. 

But, here's the best part: 50% of everything made from this sale is
going to hunger related charities in NYC. My goal is to raise at least
$10,000, and I need your help to do it. 

So, head over to the sale, check out the video, and look at the package.
And, of course, since this is black friday, and you're probably doing
some holiday shopping, you've probably already deduced that this 
would make a great gift. 

Again, this is the best price I've ever offered, and the only time I've
every put this collection together. 


I'm really excited about it. 

You can check it out here:

==> The Roman SUPER PACK <---- help raise money for hunger related charities 

SECONDLY, something just as cool.

My buddy Tim Ferriss released his new book the 4-Hour Chef
this past Tuesday. It's a massive 672-page tome that will teach
you not just how to cook, but how to LEARN.

However, there's a catch: because it's being published by Amazon,
bookstores nationwide have BANNED it - which means that it has just 
about zero retail distribution. 

It's a fantastic book, and to help get it into as many hands as possible, 
Tim is helping people set up their own bookstores through

That works like this: for every copy sold through Rally, $6 is going to
go to This is as least twice the amount Tim would
make on royalties, and it goes to help building schools and the like.

I love the book and this is a no brainer: you get to help prove that a change
is needed in the publishing world, get a copy of an excellent book, and
help build schools. Can't really beat that. 

To participate, just go to this link and buy a book by clicking the "donate"

Interestingly, Tim is sweetening the pot a bit - if I "sell" the most copies,
even though I don't make any money for the sales, I'll get to go on some
cool adventure with Ferriss to Tuscany or the like. Should be fun. 

We'd have to move about 500 copies, though, and that has to happen by
midnight pacific time TONIGHT - so, likely, we're going to have to settle 
for building a school--which works for me =)  

==> pick up a copy through Rally and help build a school!  <--- get it here

If you buy THREE COPIES, you get access to a special Q&A with 
Tim where you can ask anything you want. 

All you need to do for that is pick up the books through Rally, then
send a screen shot over to this link.

To make it easy:

-pick up 3 copies HERE
-upload screen shot HERE

There you have it! Two amazing options to help raise money for charity.

You can do either (or both), and no matter which you choose, you're doing
something awesome and getting an awesome deal on some awesome stuff,
and, of course, being an awesome person. 

I really hope you have it in you to help out, and that you're as excited about
this as I am. 

Thank you SO MUCH for being part of the RFS empire =) 

I truly love you all.


John Romaniello, NSCA-CPT
Roman Fitness Systems, Inc
Author, Final Phase Fat Loss
Author, Final Phase Fat Loss Bodyweight Edition

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