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Sally Stuart has been writing for the last 40+ years, and put out the annual Christian Writers Market Guide for 26 years. The FaithWriters conference gives you a chance to meet Sally in person and glean from her teaching!  Not to mention Deb Porter is traveling to Oregon all the way from Australia to teach and fellowship with us, along with a whole host of other excellent writers and speakers. 

Check out these fantastic scheduled sessions, taught by experienced writers, long-time FaithWriters members, and/or industry professionals. There is something for everyone!
I’m Not Funny ... Life is (I just write about it) Finding Humor in Everyday Life

All You Wanted to Know about eBook Publishing (but were afraid to ask)

Selling Power of Book Design

Believe in Your Story

Connecting the Arcs of Your Story

Choose Your Own Adventure - Publishing Panel (with Deb Porter, Amy Michelle Wiley and Rick Higginson)

Christian Fiction with a Twist: The Call to Write Outside the Box

The Power of Script Writing

Writing Inspirational/Devotional Articles that Hit Home - How to Avoid the Number 1 Mistake ... and a few other boo-boos as well

Critique is NOT a Dirty Word - It’s Good for the Critiquer and the Critiquee

Weaving an Intricate Web: Using the Right Bait to Lure the Right Clients

Marketing Tips and Trends

Basic Know-How for the Beginning Writer

Selling What You Write

Breathing Life into Your Writing
Join us on June 28th and 29th for a time of refining your gift and refreshing your soul.

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Something Worth Reading 

After reading please join in the discussion about this subject here
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Natural Disasters and the Judgment of God 
by Anthony Weber 

Whenever America experiences a large natural disaster or "act of God," in insurance company lingo - the inevitable question resurfaces in Christian circles: What is God angry about? What did we do?It's a popular topic every time a storm hits, especially if it hits where we don't live. 

Usually, the apparent target of God's wrath is a particular situation or people group about which the person claiming clarity happens to feel very strongly ("It's the homosexual abortion doctor! It's because of international policies! It's the war! It's liberal, feminist Marxists! It's the greedy Wall Street 1%! It's evolution in our schools! It's for someone with whom I am displeased!") 

There's quite a list that gets generated in the aftermath of a disaster like Hurricane Sandy. God has lots of options.

This is not new information. Even Jesus pointed out that the net we cast for sin gathers in quite a large catch. Jesus was once asked if a tower's collapse in Siloam was a judgment from God on a particularly bad group of people. Jesus' response was this: "Do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? No! But unless you repent, you too will all perish." (Luke 13:4-5) In other words, if we are trying to figure out who deserves judgment, we should start with ourselves. 

Many Christians today don't cast the net as widely as Jesus did. They observe modern Siloam towers fall and assume God is particularly unhappy with a specific target group. "Thank God it's not me!" (said all those who lived far enough away).

This perspective blatantly ignores the perspective of Jesus. If a hurricane impacts some, it's deserved by all. 

But there is a more fundamental question that needs to be addressed: Does God use natural disasters to punish America?

Clearly, God has used this method at times according to the Bible. The Old Testament is full of stories where God used nature to further His purposes, or to send a message of blessing or judgment. I'm asking if God still does this today in America. I believe He does not, and I have several reasons.

First, if we have been hammered because of God's wrath, why is God so angry? Hurricane Sandy's arrival in November of 2012 gave us a lot of options. Was it the election? International politics? New York City's recent decision to hand out more contraception? The cast of Jersey Shore? The lobster industry? Abortion? Homosexuality? Greedy 1%ers? Wall Street? Halloween? 

The Bible does not portray a God who slaps people around and then makes them guess why. The prophet Amos once wrote to the Israelites that when it comes to judgment, "God does nothing
 without first telling his prophets the whole story." (Amos 3:7). A punishment without a known reason accomplishes nothing. We do not have record that Pharaoh ever said, "What was that all about?"

When God brought judgment to a situation in the Bible, there was a pattern: people were engaged in known, obvious wickedness; they received a clear, prophetic call to repentance; they were given an opportunity to escape. The book of Jonah provides a great example of how this works.

Second, if large natural disasters are national referendums, what do local storms mean? If we know God was angry at America because of a hurricane, was He in addition mildly irritated with Traverse City? We got some wind and rain, along with a few downed trees and power outages. A tree fell on my neighbor's house but not mine; should I read something into that? 

In his famous Sermon on the Mount, Jesus noted, "[God] causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous" (Matthew 5:45). It's tough to use any kind of weather to gauge the character of our neighbors, be they local, national, or international.

Third, if we can use natural disasters as a means of gauging God's displeasure, why hasn't Vegas been leveled? It's Sin City; it's the poster city for pretty much everything for which Christianity grieves. On an international level, why doesn't Amsterdam (with all its decadence) or Switzerland (with all the money that passes through) get nailed? That would seem like an easy choice.

Luke 9:51-55 records this interesting window into the mindset of Jesus: "Jesus resolutely set out for Jerusalem. And he sent messengers on ahead, who went into a Samaritan village to get things ready for him; but the people there did not welcome him, because he was heading for Jerusalem. When the disciples James and John saw this, they asked, 'Lord, do you want us to call fire down from heaven to destroy them?' But Jesus turned and rebuked them."

I wonder what Jesus would say to us today.

Anthony Weber is a pastor, teacher, husband, father, author and blogger (;; You can contact Anthony at 

We have all been affected by the disasters we see around us today. The above article was selected on the eve of the major devastation in Oklahoma where several have died, including many children. The article was written by FaithWriters member Anthony Weber, and posted in March, 2013. Let's all remember to keep those affected by these disasters in our prayers. One wonderful organization that assists disaster victims while sharing the gospel is World Vision. To learn more about this ministry and how you can help, visit:
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Featured members this issue - Theresa Santy, Addie Pleasance, Shirley McClay, Brenda Shipman, Yvonne Blake, Jack Taylor, Michael Throne, Willena Flewelling, Lynn Gipson along with  FaithWriters for Kids contest winners Elizabeth Invergo and Annalise Hunnicutt. 
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Forty true stories lie naked on the pages of this book like an open wound, pounding and pulsing to the rhythm of forty heartbeats. The testimonies would bleed but the cuts are too deep. Though limbs have been severed, lives have been changed. All to the glory of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.

When God told Noah He was going to make it rain for forty days and forty nights, Noah didn’t build the ark with comfort in mind. Noah’s goal was to be confident it would weather the storm. Neither did the forty people who tell their stories in this book have comfort in mind when they built their lives around Christ. This is exactly why they, like Noah, keep their faith in spite of torrential downpours. Jesus doesn’t remove the disturbances; He is the shelter, in the meanwhile.

You can also submit a cover idea for a chance at a $200 prize. The cover shown is just one idea.

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First Prize $800, Editing of Manuscript, and more!
For complete guidelines, visit the official contest page: PAGE TURNER

How can I improve as a writer?

One of the most winning coaches in college basketball history was John Wooden at UCLA. John did not have his players focus on elaborate plays or fancy stuff. He had them focus on the basics. They shot free throws for hours.  I would bet that many of the young players thought coach Wooden was far too simple in his approach. Yet Wooden's teams won games and titles and at one time had an 88 game winning streak. John was a winner because he took the the players through the proper steps to get to the top. I would bet that many young men who came to Wooden wanted to be on top right away,  but he started them with the basics. He established their foundation so that they would not defeat themselves. 

We all have a tendency to want to start at the top. We tend to ignore the initial steps and the preparation to get there. I have personally been this way for years. I always skipped over the preparation and just threw the paint on the walls, if you know what I mean. I did this to some extent with my book, Gravity - True For You But Not For Me. I had the passion and the idea but I rushed things a bit and did not really prepare properly. Yes the book is out there, the message is being heard and it is doing somewhat as I had hoped. But what could it have done if I had really prepared?

These days God is showing me that preparation is 90% of the job. Jesus, Paul and the disciples all had times of preparation. Jesus took 30 years for a 3 year ministry. I am not saying you need to take that long, but are you really prepared to be the writer God wants you to be? That's where FaithWriters can help in a big way. But only if you get involved. Here are some ideas.

Utilize our writing lessons designed for the Christian writer                                Enter the Challenge 

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You probably have already realized how personal our writing becomes to us. It can be scary to put it out there for all to see and possibly criticize. But I am here to tell you from personal experience that the critiques are much more harsh outside of FaithWriters, This is the place to grow and take the risks. Other members want the same thing that you do. They will be honest, but in a caring way. 

Remember who God seemed to use most of the time? The most unlikely. Make a commitment to face your fear of rejection and go for it.

Finesse Writing & Editing Service, used and recommended by FaithWriters.  Have you heard of Deb's Writing Challenge Ratings Feedback Report?  If not you should GO HERE and take advantage of at least one of these reports. They will really help you. Finesse can also service all of your editing needs.

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FaithWriters Great Multitude Daily Bible Devotional for June 1st 2013 
Inspired by Rev 7:9-12 

Conversations With Jesus ~ Thomas
By Cheryl Harrison

John 20:29: “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

In the midst of grief and fear, a small group of people hid behind locked doors. Unseen enemies lurked in the darkness awaiting the opportunity to sow seeds of doubt. One seed of doubt can weaken the focus of an uncertain heart, and since things did not happen the way Thomas expected, his heart was fertile ground.

The disciples were overjoyed when Jesus appeared. But, Thomas, who was not present when Jesus came, refused to believe the truth. He proclaimed, "Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it."

One week later, Jesus returned to visit his doubting disciple. This time, Thomas was present, and Jesus spoke directly to him. "Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and believe." Jesus knew how to alleviate Thomas’ unbelief and chose to reveal Himself in a way that Thomas could understand.

Only God can move us from unbelief to faith. Unlike Thomas, we haven’t seen Jesus with our own eyes, nor have we touched his wounds. But, as promised, there is a blessing for those who believe without seeing. We walk by faith and not by sight, trusting the Lord will reveal himself to us in ways we can understand.

Today’s writer has a passion to write for the Lord that she cannot escape. She lives in Texas, USA. Contact

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The Great Multitude Daily Devotional    NOW BEING SENT OUT TO 12,000 PLUS BY EMAIL!
Written by Thousands, Inspired by Revelations 7:9-12

"After this I looked, and behold, a great multitude that no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, “Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!” And all the angels were standing around the throne and around the elders and the four living creatures, and they fell on their faces before the throne and worshiped God, saying, “Amen! Blessing and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving and honor and power and might be to our God forever and ever! Amen.”

FaithWriter's Daily Devotional is displayed on a large  number of websites around the world and NOW DIRECTLY TO OVER 12,000 EMAIL ADDRESS'S. Not only does it honor God but it gives the writers worldwide exposure at churches and other Christian venues. It offers the writer a great potential to be picked up for other work. Postings now include a Contact Writer Link.

We welcome submissions from members for this opportunity. We especially would like submissions from writers outside of the USA. If you are interested, GO HERE and read the submission guidelines.

A couple of emails we received from readers of our devotional.

I read your devotional emails every day and I am uplifted by them, thank you, Hilarie Roseman 

Faithwriter's daily devo's have been such a blessing!!! In Praise to Him - Colleen Fischinger

Easy way to deliver the Good News.

When you receive and read the daily Bible devotional from FaithWriters, think about who you know that might be able to benefit from that specific message. Click the forward tab on the devotional email and send it to them. Include a personal note telling the person it made you think of them or their circumstances. This is an easy way to let them know you are thinking of them and you care. It will bless them and plant seeds in their heart. The page always has a link to accept Jesus. Who knows what God might do with your obedience and one click of your mouse?

FaithWriters is unique in its dual purpose. We accept fiction, non-fiction, poems, devotionals, Bible studies and other articles written from a Christian perspective. You would not find all of these articles on a site that is strictly evangelistic in nature. Therefore, we may receive many visitors who would not go to a traditional evangelism site. Many may not even be looking for Jesus, but He still meets them when they visit. In our experience, God tends to find people right where they are in their life. This may be while they are reading your article about marriage or divorce. It might happen when they read about struggles with sin, or your fictional story. What we are saying is to keep on submitting your various pieces authored by you. Because you never know how God will use your piece to touch someone's heart or change their life.

Men and women from over 200 countries are attracted to the FaithWriters site by your various articles on the end of our fishing pole. Many have no other way than the internet to find out about Jesus. They are able to learn a lot from our site and the various sites to which we have provided links. 

Since adding links to the gospel, at least 310 people have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior directly through We know it is not about only about the numbers. We also know that accepting Jesus and confessing Him is just where it starts. It is an honor to consider the fact that God would use us in this way.

We contact every person who leaves an email address, and provide them with more information about the decision they have just made. Sometimes we correspond with them several times, answering their questions or agreeing with them in prayer. We even offer to place them in contact with another believer (FaithWriters member) in their country. 

Here is a recent email we received:

type of prayer : first time prayer

First name : chura montgomery
Postal code : T4N 4G7
Town : Red deer
Country : Canada
E-mail : Please leave a comment. : Gracias por la informaciosn Soy una persona muy espiritual Yo creo mucho en Jesus y en Dios nuestro gran Padre  Translated - Thanks for the informaciosn am a very spiritual person I believe very much in Jesus and in God our great father.

Please continue to be in prayer for Chura, and all of the new - or rededicating - believers. 
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A Father's Love

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'" - Jeremiah 29:11

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes. They also come with all sorts of personalities - some loving, others perhaps not so loving. Some of you may have been raised by a father whose picture could have been posted alongside the word "strict" in the dictionary - or maybe even the word "jerk." There are probably many of you who grew up with only a part-time father. Or maybe no father at all.

Unfortunately, those who have never known a loving father, or at least have never quite connected with the earthly father they've known, find it more difficult to relate to their heavenly Father. We, with our carnal minds, tend to correlate the physical with the spiritual. But just because we may think of God in a particular way, doesn't make it so.

The truth is that our heavenly Father will always be here for us (Deut. 31:6). He offers unconditional love (1 John 4:7-8). He delights in us (Psalm 149:4). He will always give us what's best (Matt 7:9). And, as God Himself tells us in Jeremiah 29:11, He wants us to prosper, to keep us safe, give us hope and a future.

If you have been blessed with a loving earthly father, give thanks and rejoice! Lavish love on your dad this Father's Day and tell him how much he means to you. For the rest of you, cling to the fact that you DO have a daddy. One who will never let you down. One who loves you more than the world, and who wants nothing more than to wrap you - His child - in His arms.

A note to the dads: You have been awarded the great honor of reflecting God's fatherly love onto your children. Thank you for all you do! Now, go hug your kids!

  This Months FaithWriters Great Reads Selection
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 We have some excellent writers and many topics to choose from at FaithWriters. Bless your fellow members by reading one or more of their books occasionally. Just imagine how you would feel if they did the same for you. Many of these books have multiple five star reviews on Amazon. Descriptions are unedited and taken from the Authors book page.

If you are an active Platinum member and your book has not been featured in Great Reads yet, please email us the title and its url from our store.
This also applies if it is not in our site ads. Please speciify if it needs to be added to the ads or newsletter or both.
The Ezekiel Files: Messages and Warnings from God
Christine Edwards
GOD CALLS ON THE U.S.A. TO REPENT...And speaks to hearts, homes, churches, teachers and leaders in "Over 130 Messages from God" on Salvation & Changes Coming to the U.S.A. & World! In it, God warns: "What we see to the East is coming to the West", and alerts America to prepare for tough times ahead!

This Little Writer Went to Market Top Writer!
Lynda Lee Schab
For Christian writers who want to make money freelancing. Sections on greeting cards, magazines, anthologies, and online opportunities. Also a section on writing contests. Includes sample cover letters, as well as many links and resources to check out.
Made in the Image of God: Understanding the Nature of God and Mankind in a Changing World
Reid Ashbaucher
Made in the Image of God was written for individuals looking for a deeper understanding of God the creator and how he relates to his creation physically, emotionally and spiritually in a personal way. This book would also make good resource material for discussions in small groups or class rooms.

Hunter High
Kevin Phillips
Three years after surviving an armed student siege, high school counselor Danielle Bennetton sets out to recount the day's events and bear witness to the forces of evil that stalked the halls of Hunter High. A gripping, insightful and haunting novel that dares to probe behind today's headlines.

Moments of Encouragement
Day Ashton
Guiding us along His pathways, the author encourages us to experience the touch of the Master's hand on our lives; to experience the inexplicable love of the Saviour; the amazing power of prayer and the promise of His presence through all of life's highs and lows.
The Journey Home
Christine Ramey
The Journey Home: Romans 15:24 takes you on a quest to deepen your relationship with Christ. Whether you have been a Christian for some time, or you are just beginning to learn what being a Christian means, this book will help you to develop that relationship with Christ.
Bring Your Writing to Life  One of FaithWriters Best!
Amy Michelle Wiley
In this easy-to-use workbook, Amy Michelle Wiley shows you how to bring your writing to life. You will learn how to immerse your readers in the action so they experience it for themselves.
Glass Marbles
Trudy Samsill
A short story for teens and adults alike, faith-filled, challenging readers to cultivate thankfulness in their daily lives and to accept God's perfect plan even though things may seem out of contol


Grip the Rope: Prayers for Single Mothers
Carla Curtis
Grip the Rope: Prayers for Single Mothers, contains powerful, comforting and topical prayers written specifically for single mothers, although women from all walks of life can benefit from reading this wonderful spiritual tool. This E-book has a prayer for each letter of the alphabet addressing various issues that single mothers can choose from to make their time in prayer more reassuring. Reading the prayers in this E-book can simply provide encouragement for single mothers to refocus, refuel and release during those times when they are feeling overwhelmed and disheartened.
Palm Wednesday
Sandor Balog
An entertaining book that, quite unusually, reveals facts theologians and churchmen have so far been unable to reveal. Hopefully, this is the ultimate explanation of the 3 days and 3 nights, the sign of Jonah (Mt 12:40) Jesus spoke of. The only sign He gave. Pointless? Well, I'm not too sure.

Room for the Dreamer
Laurie Kiel
“There is no room for the dreamer, not any more. Dreams are dangerous—and dreams can kill.” Despite these words from his minister father, Nathan follows his dream of joining his uncle as a gold rush reporter in Deadwood, Dakota Territory. Nathan has barely arrived in Deadwood when his uncle is murdered. 
Price:  $0.99
The Elijah Blessing: An Undivided Heart
Deborah Brunt
In the place where Ahab and Jezebel ruled, Elijah loved fiercely and lived fully. As you peek into lives lived long ago, receive the Elijah Blessing – the blessing of an undivided heart.
Daniel Martin
Heaven and Earth collide in this epic adventure when Sam and his guardian angel Nathanael meet in a very unusual way. All is at stake in this modern tale of Faith Hope and Love. Someone very high up is watching and is preparing to send help, But will it arrive on time?

Inner Thoughts Compilation of Poems
Brian Ward
Here is a collection of poetry that I have been writing since 1991 it ranges in diffrent categories mainly love and religon. I grew up reading poetry and Louis lamour books my inspiration comes from William
Shakespeare. I owe everything I have to God who gave me talent and the will
To do the things I've done in my life. I wish my readers the best and hope you all
Enjoy my books

Seed of Hope (vol 1)
S Long
"Seed of Hope (Volume 1)" is a compilation of 40 daily articles written by S Long. Inspired by his daily quiet time and bible reading, the revelations and encouraging messages in these articles will inspire you and sow that VERY seed of hope into your life, so that you can be more than a conqueror in your everyday living! No matter what challenges you are facing now, God has a breakthrough verse for you in this book!
Inspired Writings of a Prophet for Jesus the Christ
Gregory Booker
This is a collective group of inspirational writings with a unique and poignant message to the Christian community. It declares of the coming Christ for His Church and warns us not to be slumbering. It speaks also of Israel's redemption in God's righteousness and love to a world of unbelief.
Dreams Come True: Discovering Your Hidden Treasure
Danielle Daughter of Zion
Have you ever wondered what God has planned for your future? God can reveal what He has in store for your life within your dreams, and help you make them come true. In this book, I share 6 Steps to Discovering Your Purpose Within Your Dreams.
Healing Season a Women's Fiction Anthology
Michele Fleming
This is the second story in this anthology. Jen had ignored her father and her faith for two years, now her father was dying. Will she be able to make things right, or will a horrible snowstorm stand in her way?
End-Time Prophecy E-Course
Steve Sterling
How to Solve the Most Difficult End-Time Prophecies of Daniel and Revelation: - Exposing an impending religious conspiracy to convert the world to a new religious culture of outright idolatry and devil worship! Highly controversial.
Christian Dating: 20 Keys to Healthy Relationships
Karen Maloy-McDonald
The Bible says God's people will perish without knowledge, and when it comes to dating we are definitely at a loss. This book provides biblical principles which are necessary to build healthier relationships, and to approach your dating stage with confidence.
Eugenie Laverne Mitchell
This is a contemporary love story with a supernatural twist. The main character is Cherie Johnson who needs a husband, but whose expectation her friends believe to be unrealistically high. This book contains gospel truths in fiction form and appeals to both the unsaved as well as to believers.
Seriously Bad
Dana Anders
This is the hard-hitting book for tweens and teens that you have been waiting for! Covering critical issues facing young people today, this book combines the ancient art of rhyme and story-telling with ultra-modern graffiti fonts and imagery to fire the desire in youth to make positive life choices.
Kid Help (Parents Taking Control)
Florence Simmons
Kids are raising parents; parents aren't raising kids. Would you like to know the solution to raise your child to obey you so that he or she can learn the important values of life? These insights will save you a tremendous amount of grief.
How to Pray from your Royal Position
Wisdom Mupudzi
This book takes the reader through the power of being able to pray as a King, Priest and Prophet. Prophetic and Kingly intercession are whats missing in the body of Christ today. Upgrade or Uplevel your prayer life with this book.N.B if you have The 3 Levels of Prayer, you dont need to buy this Book

James Manning
In this booklet you will learn,
1. What the throne of grace is
2. What kind of help you can find by coming to the throne of grace
3. How grace through righteousness will override the sin in your flesh and more,
Come and take your royal position through grace, and reign in life.

Price:  $1.95

Rae's Revenge & Redemption: Commanded To Forgive
LaVerne Iverson
Betrayed and burdened, Rae set off in a rage. Did she go too far? Is she guilty of hurting someone? Her own secrets have her mind in turmoil. She feels no one can be trusted. Will she be another statistic? Follow Rae on her journey, and strap in for unforeseen twists. Rae story is one of reje

Light Farm Works
Beth LaBuff
This collection of light verse was written by Iowa native Beth LaBuff. Imagine a corn crib that was repurposed by fowl society in "Barred Plymouth Rock Band." What exactly will make a catfish sweat? See "Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof." Then there's a one horse race between a horse and mule....

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Jeanne E Webster
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Living A Jesus Lifestyle
Donna Faehling
Do you long to have a more intimate, trusting and vital relationship with God? You can be enabled to become a person of hope, joy and great expectations, living and impacting your world "just as Jesus" did. Find God"s fantastic plan for your life.
Lemondrop: The Beginning
Gerald Shuler
An evil giant has stolen a magical rainbow from the elves of Magicland. Now it is up to a brave frog to face the giant and get the rainbow back. A frog? Ah, my friend, Mr. Greencroak is no ordinary frog.

This story was never meant to be a book. In fact, it was originally meant to be heard as a series of bedtime stories by only one small, somewhat spoiled child . . . my sister, Waunita Marie Shuler Reeves. Don’t misunderstand, she wasn’t spoiled because of bad parenting or a totally yielding 12 year older brother. No, she was spoiled by Doctor’s Orders. Really. You see, she was born with a problem that would have been potentially deadly if she used her stomach muscles too much. Of course, being a baby, she didn’t know she was supposed to restrict some of her normal activities, like crying. So it became a team effort for our family to find ways to keep her from crying any more than could be helped.
The Stone Writer
Toni Babcock
The Stone Writer is a collection of short stories in two parts; young readers and teens. Each story weaves a thought provoking Christian theme in a fun or engaging way. It can be found on Amazon at: (Everything the reader needs to know can be found here about the book.) 

"The Killing of Luther Dunn"
Sharon Balts

When Jacob Kearney returned to Wisconsin with his niece, his brother followed--and brought trouble with him. A stagecoach is robbed. Luther Dunn disappears. Sigrid Dunn's new neighbor seems to know too much about the case... and about swaying her stubborn heart.
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