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From the Editor’s Desk - FaithWriters Magazine September 2013 - Promoting Your Writing

Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:13-14 NIV)
In the lead up to the recent FaithWriters conference, my husband Steve and I decided to do a little exploring of the west coast of America before heading to Oregon. After poring over maps and possible itineraries, we decided to make our first stop Las Vegas. Although we don’t gamble or drink alcohol, so many people had told us that a stop here would be well worth the experience — and they were right. Las Vegas really does appear to be one of a kind.

Steve and I chose to stay at a hotel off The Strip, which worked perfectly for our more conservative personalities. From our balcony, though, we were able to see the lights of The Strip blaze brilliantly into life as the sun set each day. From our vantage point, I was struck by the contrast between the over the top, man-made attractions of the city and the rugged, natural beauty of its surroundings. From that angle, away from the bustle and brightness, visitors are able to see the reality of Las Vegas.

Quite frankly, it is a desert.

The wonder is that this city has managed to survive and grow for as long as it has, thanks to underground springs and a large man-made lake. However, time is running out . . . and so is the water. According to one countdown, Las Vegas has less than 2700 days of water remaining based on current usage and supply.

I have to admit, I found Las Vegas fascinating, but not for the usual reasons. In it, I saw a spiritual parallel with the world that both disturbed and challenged me.

Now, I know some of you are saying, “Deb, you were in Las Vegas, baby. You didn’t have to look too hard to see spiritual parallels with the world.” And you would be right. However, it wasn’t the obvious things — the excess and extravagance, for example — that struck me. It was the dry, desert place that this city exists in.

Obviously, in a physical sense, without water there can be no life, and Las Vegas is currently working toward solutions to ensure the city can be sustained once that countdown comes to an end.

However, the same is very true in a spiritual sense. Without living water that comes from Jesus Christ alone, there can be no spiritual life. The appearance of life may be there, and at times may even seem very beautiful and abundant, but scratch beneath the surface and that life exists in a dry and barren land.

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are a spring of His living water, the Holy Spirit, and called to bring His life into desert places.

At times the desert may feel as though it is encroaching on us, but as Jesus said, “whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst.” We have a well that will never run dry. Our responsibility is to share it with a dry and dusty world that is thirsty for real life.

And that is exactly what the inspiring Suzanne R. calls us to do in her article Bloom Where You Are Planted and Where You Are Transplanted. Suzanne, an Australian working in Asia, has been living the truth of this for many years, and her message is a call to others to respond and become transplants for the Lord.

Keeping things Down Under a little longer, Noel Mitaxa shares encouragement about being led by the Spirit in his article Surprising Steps with a Friendly Wind. Our little acts of service and ministry may often seem fairly inconsequential in the big scheme of things, but when God is directing our steps those little things have the power to change lives.

Normally, Noel is the one to make us chuckle (or groan) with his penchant for puns, but it’s Danielle King who made me laugh in this issue with her story If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!. Fun story with a very good message at the end. Enjoy (I know I did)!

Still in a lighthearted vein, I’m sure most parents will remember the days of squirming babies and diaper changes. I well remember needing lightning reflexes to grab hold of my daughter’s leg before she scampered off mid-change — and that was 28 years ago. That’s why The Change Game by Christina Banks is such a pleasure to read.

Allison Egley adds to the humor in this issue when she revisits the old fable of the hare and the tortoise in her story Conspiracy Theory, and Verna Cole Mitchell wraps up the fun with her poem about The Chap Who Lives in a Flat.

Verna’s poems are always a delight, as are the poems of Sally Hanan and Margaret Kearley. Sally’s poem, He Knows, is straight from the heart, and Margaret’s poem Message in a Bottle will touch your heart, particularly when you realize this was inspired by a true story.

Most moving article of all was Carolyn Ancell’s Ten Tender Weeks: The Countdown, written about her mother’s final weeks and the blessing that time was to Carolyn and her brother.

Virgil Youngblood is also sharing a snippet from his life in his excellent article, Walking the Talk, and Vince Martella provides the perfect ending with his great story, The Closers.

Until next issue, happy reading with FaithWriters Magazine.

Deb Porter
Editor, FaithWriters Magazine

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FaithWriters News 

Testimony Book is in the Works

Things are moving along very well on the Testimony Book, especially considering the number of people and articles involved. Members are in the process of having their submissions edited, and we already have a good number of final submissions. Once all of the winning entries are turned in, we will go over them once more before submitting them to the MindStir media for final formatting and publication.

This book will inspire, encourage, and strengthen your faith, so stay tuned!

Quarterly Challenge Winners - $50.00 Cash Prize For Each

 LEVEL 1 WINNER  No Fair. He’s Got More Than Me by Amy Hatton
 LEVEL 2 WINNER Crossing the Final Frontier by Pauline Carruthers
 LEVEL 3 WINNER Willow Room by Mike Newman
 LEVEL 4 WINNER Use Before… by Gerald Shuler

Quotes from all of the winners can be read in our blog HERE.

Ask these writers if the Challenge has helped their growth and they will tell you definitely. It can help you too.

Christian Books Blog Contest Winners

Hire A Writer

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FaithWriters Members Receive Increased Exposure

FaithWriters and iDisciple are now official. There are many very large and well known ministries participating in this release. This arrangement will benefit all of our writers by leading more traffic to the FaithWriters site. Several of our writers are also currently providing articles for this new outreach.

If you are an upgraded member and have a decent number of well written articles posted on FaithWriters, this program might be perfect for you. It guarantees you more exposure. If you think you have what it takes to help us provide content, contact Michael at

Our Great Multitude Daily Devotional will also be a featured devotional on iDisciple. To be a part of the devotional program, just submit your original devotionals, following the guidelines you'll find HERE.

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Checkout J.J. Hebert and MindStir Media, the publisher for our Testimony book. J.J. has hands-on knowledge of the publishing business from self-publishing his book, which went on to be a best seller. They will work closely with you from start to finish.
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Do you want to improve as a writer? 

Silly question right? How about this: Do you want to improve as a writer enough to do what it takes? 

If you are reading this you are a member of FaithWriters. So we are putting a call out to YOU. This is the place and this is the time. You are among brothers and sisters in Christ who have the same goal as you. Every one of us had to start somewhere, and FaithWriters is the perfect place to step out in faith. Here are two great ways to get started.

1) Writing Classes. Did you know that FaithWriters offers a number of writing classes? From the basics to more advanced lessons, FaithWriters offers articles on improving your writing skills. Many of these classes are available to everyone, and some are only available to upgraded members. We are currently adding to our lessons every month, so be sure to check back regularly. Go HERE now and start learning!

2) The Writing Challenge. There is nothing else like the FaithWriters Weekly Writers Challenge. We Challenge you try the Challenge and take a step in the direction of the writer you want to be and God has called you to be. For years, our members have raved about the benefits. Don't put it off any longer.

Here is an email from one of our current quarterly Challenge Winners;

Thank you so much for your encouragement. It was a lovely surprise to get the 1st Place in the challenge and I never expected to ever get the Editor's Choice. Then to find another win for the same story was just overwhelming - and so encouraging. Unbelievable! I was too excited to sleep that night. FaithWriters has given me the opportunity to learn and grow in my writing and a new purpose for my life.  
Each week I look at the topic, think, 'I can't do that', mull it over in my mind and then sleep on it. I usually wake with thoughts and ideas buzzing around in my head and jot them down in my note book. Then I work out the opening line and it flows from there. I never really know quite how it will end until it does. 

I have always wanted to write but never found the courage or the confidence to make a start. I was always afraid of failure. But before my husband died in October 2012 he asked me to promise that I would write and I made that promise. One weekend earlier this year, the Lord spoke to me about it being 'my time' and put it in my heart to share testimony in church and a short extract from the book I am attempting to write. It was unbearably difficult but I obeyed and was incredibly encouraged. A short time later I discovered FaithWriters, became a member and submitted my first Challenge article. The critiques were encouraging and helpful and I suddenly found I was no longer afraid of failure. I learned to simply try harder next time, enjoy what others had written and share gladly in their success. Our God is good.

I owe a lot to FaithWriters, especially to those who have critiqued my articles and encouraged me in such a gentle way. I am thankful for their experience, expertise and advice and I thank God every single day for His amazing grace that has kept me through difficult times and steered me in a new direction.

Thank you! Thank you!

Pauline Carruthers

Learn more about the Challenge HERE. Remember Silver members can taste the Challenge now and see for themselves what all of the excitement is about.

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How to Self Publish on Amazon

If your book is not on Amazon because you think it is difficult to publish it there, you are wrong. You can easily do it yourself, and it does not cost anything. The real truth is that if you are not on Amazon, your not going to sell many books. 

You can place your book on Amazon today, but please make sure it is edited professionally before you do. In other words, DON'T SKIMP ON THE EDITING. Use a professional book editor, not an English teacher or your cousin who thinks they can do it. We can refer you to some excellent editors that charge a fair price. If you need an editor, click HERE and let us know.

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The reviews are coming in, benefiting authors who have placed books in the program. 

We want to shout out a huge thank you to all of our members who are reading books in this program. You are planting good seeds for the day when you will need your book reviewed. 

If you have a book in our store and need book reviews, you can easily submit it to this program. Go HERE, log into the bookstore and read the instructions. Readers can now sign up to be notified when new books enter the program. As the list of name of regular readers grows, this program will have even more impact for authors.

Below are four recent reviews that have come in from this program. These books and many more are still available to read for free.

1) A Season of Grief: I truly enjoyed this book on grief. One of the best I have read so far. Stephanie White has pointed out through her use of scriptures the way to handling grief. While it is right for us to go through a period of mourning and grieving, we should daily either listen to worship music, read our bibles or a devotional as that will dray us closer to our Heavenly Father. This is a book I shall continually refer to and give to others during this sad time of bereavement. Although we are sad we can rejoice that our loved ones are safe in the arms of Jesus, just waiting for our return. The devotional are encouraging and easy to understand. All can identify with them. Katrleen Higham has written some truly amazing and beautiful pieces of poetry, which follow on after a devotion. A true little gem this one. One can truly see that both these ladies know their subject very well.

2) Warfare Solutions Loaded with the Lion of Judah: An impactful book that uniquely describes situations of a Christian’s life in a thought-provoking and humorous way. Author Sandra Hicks honestly portrays a believer’s struggles with sin and the Biblical solution thereof with engaging and uncanny clarity. She calls it like it is; pulls no punches. Such critical truths are too often ignored in churches today. I highly recommend her book to anyone who longs to live a victorious life in Jesus Christ or as a text for a Sunday school class.

3) If you are looking for good reading material for your children, especially for children you read bed time stories to, "The Stone Writer" by Toni Babcock is a nice collection of quaint stories ideally suited to tucking in elementary school aged children. Each story is one a child can relate to and there is always a moral to the story, most of which obviously embrace Christian beliefs, though sometimes it is subtle. "The Gospel According to a Pirate" is excellently done, and was my favorite. For older children, "Shadown Man" has a great lesson on dealing with difficult choices.

The title of the book says these stories are for teens, but I think teens might be willing to listen to some of the stories in a group or family setting, but beyond that I believe they will lose interest very quickly. I'd set the high end of the age limit at thirteen.

4) From the Heart is a precious engaging read. I read all of the stories at one sitting and particularly enjoyed, "A Long Distance Love," Salvation on a Park Bench," and "To Friend or Not to Friend." Indeed, there are lessons to embrace relative to the content in From the Heart. Also, truly, love and tenderness is resident within its pages.

5) Here are the Amazon pages of two additional books that have received great reviews in this program. Take a look and ask yourself if the reviews you read would encourage you to purchase the authors book. Reviews make a difference.

God in the ICU     Three reviews from the program.

Who's Your Father  Possibly five reviews from the program.

Free Reads for Reviews is our new program, designed to promote books in our store. If you have a book in the store or enjoy reading great books for free, you need to check this out today. See all the books and the details here:
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Amazon states that e-books are now outselling print books. 
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When posting articles on the site, many FaithWriters members often overlook the importance of  KEYWORDS. The truth is that every success on the internet is driven by proper KEYWORDSGoogle, for example, owes its success primarily to KEYWORDS.

The question is what are KEYWORDS and how much time do you take to select and insert the right KEYWORDS for your article submissions? 

Here are a couple of tips:

1) Select relevant KEYWORDS --- or better yet KEYWORD phrases --- to insert in the KEYWORD box located on your FaithWriters article posting page. For example, say you're posting an article about GRIEF, with an emphasis on how PRAYING can help in the grieving process. While inserting PRAYING as a KEYWORD might be slightly helpful, inserting a KEYWORD PHRASE like PRAYING FOR GRIEF would do much better. This is because with the word PRAYING alone, search engines have millions of choices to present searchers. With a KEYWORD PHRASE that better identifies your article, you will have less competition.   

2) Make sure your chosen KEYWORDS are used at least once in your article. For example, if you chose PRAYING FOR GRIEF as one of your KEYWORD phrases, your article might include a sentence that says: Listening to and PRAYING FOR GRIEF-stricken family members is often the best thing we can do. 

There are many great resources out there for KEYWORDS. Most deal with advertising products. But, in essence, your article is a product you would like to draw attention to.Google offers numerous free tools and articles on choosing the right KEYWORDS. Check out these pages.

Make sure to read next months newsletter for more tips on how to get more readers for your book and articles. 

FaithWriters Highly Recommends TLC Graphics another conference presenter.

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The Great Multitude Daily Bible Devotional for October 1st, 2013.

Fall Brings God’s Brilliant Change 

“But his delight is in the law of the Lord…And he will be like a tree firmly planted…” Psalm 1:2-3 

I heard the first splashes of fall shouting along the roadside on a fall afternoon drive. Amongst the emerald, olive, and forest greens, orange and crimson were making their debut. I rolled down the windows a bit and inhaled the crisp autumn breezes. Change was in the air. It was showcased in nature all around me! My spirit was alive with the wonders of God’s creation as He painted a beautiful picture lesson for me about change and His faithfulness to each of us. The trees personified the inevitable divine transformation of our lives as we submit them to God’s love and care. 

Just as the trees change with brilliance in the fall, God will never leave us unchanged. We are like those trees in the fall---destined for change! When we delight in the Lord, Psalm 1 states we “…will be like a tree firmly planted…” In due season we can count on the Lord’s brilliant change in our lives. With God, there is always a “before” and “after”. 

Fall’s array of new colors always brings a smile to my face, for the changing trees around me, once again confirm God’s faithfulness.

Dear Father, I trust You in the coming changes, in the next season of my life. Because of Your faithfulness, may my yielded life become a brilliant display of Your glory! Amen. 

Today's freelance Christian writer has been in the nursing field for her adult life. Today she uses God's Word to bring healing. She has been married for over 30 years. Contact

FaithWriters is unique in it's dual purpose: We are writers and evangelists. On FaithWriters, you'll find fiction, non-fiction, poems, devotionals, Bible studies and other articles written from a Christian perspective. Content you would not find on a site that is strictly evangelistic in nature. With so much variety, we receive many visitors who might not go to a traditional evangelism site. Many may not even be looking for Jesus. But Jesus still meets them when they visit. In our experience, God tends to find people where they are at in their life. This may be while they are reading your article about marriage or divorce. It might happen when they read about struggles with sin or your fictional story. What we are saying is to keep on submitting your various pieces that could only be authored by you. 

Men and women from over 200 countries are attracted to the FaithWriters site by the various articles on the end of our fishing pole. Many have no other way than the internet to find out about Jesus. They are able to learn a lot from our site and the sister sites we have provided links to. 

To date, at least 385 people have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior directly through the FaithWriters site. We know it is not about just about numbers. We also know that accepting Jesus in their heart and confessing Him is only where it starts. It is honor to consider the fact that God would use us in this way.

We contact every person who leaves an email address, and provide them with more information. Sometimes we correspond with them several times. We even offer to place them in contact with another believer (FaithWriters member) in their country. 

Here are three of many emails we received this month. 

1) Yes I Prayed and Rededicated My Life to Jesus.

Please tell us your name, situation and country so we can pray for you. Give us your email if you want us to send you more information.: i am stanley k. from Kenya. i was about to kill my self.but i come across faithwriters jesus page

2) Please Check Here to tell us YES. *: Yes I Prayed and Accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Please tell us your name, situation and country so we can pray for you. Give us your email if you want us to send you more information.: please ask the Lord to give me a peace of mind and to pray for my Salvation. Angela Wilson

3) Please Check Here to tell us YES. *: Yes I Prayed and Rededicated My Life to Jesus.
Please tell us your name, situation and country so we can pray for you. Give us your email if you want us to send you more information.: My name is Eribu Emmanuel. I have been living a compromised christian life.I have been drinking,immoral,night clubbing.Last week i decided to repent & go back to God.Am also facing financial problems after spending alot in those worldly lusts.Please please pray for me. Am a Ugandan & my email If you found this website after reading an article on FaithWriters, please tell us which article it was so we tell the writer the good news. If you cannot give us the specific article, just tell us the topic that drew you to FaithWriters and now here.Thank You: The topic was 'the book of revelations uncovered'

Thank You FaithWriters

Mike & Bea 
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  This Months FaithWriters Great Reads Selection
 We have some excellent writers and many topics to choose from at FaithWriters. Bless your fellow members by reading one or more of their books occasionally. Just imagine how you would feel if they did the same for you. Many of these books have multiple five star reviews at Amazon. Descriptions are unedited and taken from the Authors book page.

Books Added to the in the last month.


Raising Ephesus: Christian Hope for a Post-Christian Age
Thomas Hanna
Your Price: $4.99

Faced with a church in decline, we turn to the holy ones of Ephesus whose faithfulness led the people of God from spiritual crisis to transformers of culture, and can do so again.



Maria Brentwood the First Human Clone
Jack Doepke
Your Price: $0.99

Query, Synopsis, and text of: Maria Brentwood the First human Clone By Jack D. Doepke All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to World Vision - a Christian organization that helps hungry children around the world.

Bluebirds Among the Whirlwinds
Deborah McDade
Your Price: $2.99

When a well-heeled eighteen year old woman runs off with a “country boy," the curtain lifts on romance, tragedy, and a mad, enduring love. A tender, well-researched jaunt through jazz age and depression era Southern California.

Dead Dreams Book 1
Emma Right
Your Price: $4.99

What if a girl is promised the whole world, but her dreams are without Christ?
Dead Dreams, Book 1, a young contemporary adult psychological thriller and suspense mystery.

Available in more formats from:



Why Diets Don't Work: Food is Not The Problem
Joyce Tilney
Your Price: $9.99

This is not another diet plan! This is not another method that denies you of the goodness of everyday life. This is a battle plan that has a unique strategy for success.
There is a greater power than your taste buds! Taste and see that the Lord is good.

The Last Train at Sunset
Your Price: $3.99

to follow

She Does Not Fear the Snow
Bobbie Cole
Your Price: $4.82

A trail of miracles led Bobbie Ann Cole from a Jerusalem church to find love in Atlantic Canada. This is an uplifting true testimony, mirroring the story of Biblical Ruth, set in Israel, Canada and her native UK.



Keeper of Reign, A Young Adult Adventure Fantasy, Book 1
emma right
Your Price: $3.99

Sixteen-year-old Jules Blaze, heir of a Keeper, suspects his family hides a forgotten secret. His people, the Elfies of Reign, triggered a curse which reduced the entire inhabitants to a mere inch centuries ago. Jules journeys into enemy land on a to find the truth. Truth that could save or kill him

Available in more formats from:


Free Reads For Reviews

D.T. Patton
Your Price: $4.99

ISRAEL THE SON OF GOD is an eye opening journey from Genesis to Revelation which brings to light the extreme continuity of the Bible in a way that has never been presented before. Learn for the first time the untold truth concerning the full identity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and how...

The Road Out: 12 sure steps towards solution for life's challenging situations
Emmanuel N. Obu
Your Price: $3.99

In this book, THE ROAD OUT you will find a very potent guide, fresh insight and spiritual giant steps that are capable of helping you overcome situations and come out of problems. Situations don't just go away, they require discovery, truth, wisdom and practical approaches to solve them.

The Unstoppable You: The strenght you need now to keep moving!
Emmanuel N. Obu
Your Price: $3.99

You don’t need to always explain your frustrations, challenges and pain. What you need is to understand how to confront them, and never give up.

This book will equip you with understanding, knowledge and
motivation to get back on track and in the battlefield to fight your way
through to victory.

7 Visual Steps To Living Your Dream: Creating dreams and bringing ideas to reality.
Emmanuel N. Obu
Your Price: $4.99

You may have put off an idea or dream because you think it’s unachievable or you have tried to live it and failed. Inside this book you will discover what you’ve missed out, not understood and processes required for living any dream or achieving any idea.

Championship Conduct - Excel in Care, Courtesy and Customer Service
Sandra Renee Hicks
Your Price: $3.99

Are you weary of rude, inconsiderate and incompetent conduct that has become routine in our society? Come on board to proactively address it. Clearly, major change is long overdue. Top level conduct is the best response to the low standards that are now commonly on display.

Available in more formats from:

They Sow the Wind
Bruce Hammack
Your Price: $2.99

Hold on to your hat, there is an evil wind blowing.
The trip from Central Texas to Breckenridge, Colorado for a snow-filled honeymoon week was fine…until the kidnapping. Excellent skiing awaited them...except for the blood in the snow. The week after they return home goes well until… Let’s just say

Available in more formats from:

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