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March 2014 

"News & Information for the Write Brained Christian" 
Today's Devotional and the Newest Member E-books Included
Testimony Book - Trials and Triumphs 
The Testimony of Forty FaithWriters 
Now in Free Reads for Reviews HERE for a Limited Time!

"Even in confinement, God was there with me. One day, a woman showed up to visit me. I had never seen her before, but she gave me a Bible and prayed with me." Paul Holway

"After fifteen long years of praying, her friend’s world came crashing down around her. Her marriage was in shambles, her children rebellious, and she was blinded by her pride." Sandra Fischer

"My conversion from Islam to Christianity is not as dramatic as some other converts." Rhad Khan

Trials and Triumphs is now in the FaithWriters store and in the Free Reads for Reviews Program. We have currently priced it at $0 in our store so you can download a pdf version right away. All of the member/authors would greatly appreciate your review in our store and on Amazon when it gets there. As long as you have purchased anything on Amazon in the past, you can review this book there without purchasing it from Amazon. On February 27th we received an email that we should be on Amazon and Barnes and Noble within a week or two. 

The page for the Testimony book is up: We have added a banner on the top of the site and will be advertising it heavily on and other sites upon release. We are accepting submissions for the second year of the Testimony series HERE.

We are asking all authors to:

1. Prepare your profile page. This page will be linked to the Testimony book page (link in above paragraph). Your profile should contain a nice bio and photo of yourself, as well as any websites or blogs to which readers can connect. We will not be printing everyone's individual links in the book, so to track things, readers are pointed to the Testimony page, where your name is easy to locate. Your profile will then take readers where you want them to go. So make sure you have your preferred links listed!

2. Post your blog and Facebook posts for the book. Make sure to add a link to If every author posts his or her article at least three times, we will have 120 posts pointing to the book. The more, the better!

3. Read the book when it comes out and post a review on Amazon.

4. Pray that God uses the book for His glory, and that many come to a saving knowledge of Christ.
How To Publish My Christian Book 

Publishing My Book, Which Route Should I Take? 
By Lynda Schab and Michael Edwards

There are basically three ways to have your book published: Traditional publishing, subsidy publishing, and self-publishing. This article touch's on all three options. 

First Things First - Be Prepared 

No matter which route you go, make sure you read all of the details closely and understand how things work (royalty rate, ownership, etc.) If your project requires additional handling (editing, format adjusting, e-book formatting, etc.), are there additional charges for these extras or are they included? Is there any marketing included (distribution) and, if so, how much? Perhaps most importantly, what is expected of you as the author? One of the biggest mistakes we see is that many aspiring authors rush into the publishing process without taking the time to read what they are agreeing to. It is almost guaranteed that that no matter which route you take those you are working with will only do what the written agreement states. So do not expect more, and by all means, know what you are signing. 

Editing is of primary importance so, please, do not skimp on the editing, no matter how you publish. You also need to double check things throughout the process to make sure the end product will be what you want. Then once your book is completed, if you hope to sell it, you will need to do a good amount of marketing, even if you publish traditionally. 

A word of advice: no matter which option you select, leave yourself plenty of margin in your desired time-frame (remember that God doesn't rush and your book will be out exactly when He wants it to be). Be prepared for other small issues, as well, such as editing, work schedules, personalities, and the like, but none the less stressful if you are unprepared. Taking these steps will make your experience more enjoyable and allow you to be the Christian example you want to be throughout the process.

To read the entire article that touches on the three ways to publish your book,
Learn About Xulon Press (Taken from
FaithWriters Members Can Save up to 10% off Xulon's Best Advertised Price on their Publishing Packages
The Bestseller Package is Being Awarded in the FaithWriters Contests.

Xulon Press is the largest Christian Self-Publishing company owned and operated by Salem Communications. We have self-published over 10,000 Christian authors since 2001.

Are you looking for a Christian book publisher? Have you submitted your manuscript to dozens of publishing companies only to be turned away, time and time again? If so, Xulon Press could be the answer to your prayers.

Xulon Press Facts & Figures
◾Since 2001, Xulon Press has published more than 10,000 unique book titles.
◾More than 1,000,000 copies of Xulon Press books have been printed and sold.
◾Google and Yahoo! rank Xulon Press #1 for Christian book publishing.
◾The Xulon Press staff has more than 150 years' experience in Christian book publishing.
◾Xulon book titles are also available on-demand in the UK and throughout Europe.
◾Xulon's bookstore catalog, CBB, reaches thousands of book buyers each year.

Read Xulon's statement of faith.

Title-for-title, Xulon Press is the largest publisher of Christian books in North America. We are the original on-demand book publisher for aspiring Christian authors. We've helped more than 10,000 authors publish their books. Read some of our Christian Self Publishing Success Stories.

In 2006, Xulon Press became part of Salem Communications Corporation. Salem is the country's leading Christian communications company with interests in radio, Internet, and magazine publishing. This means you can rest easy; Salem is a fast-growing and financially secure company with a successful 40-year track record. 

Xulon Press authors have appeared on CNN, FOX News, TBN, The 700 Club, Family Life Radio, and on James Dobson's Focus on the Family. In addition, book reviews and articles have been published about Xulon books in Christianity Today; Charisma; The Washington Post; Wall Street Journal;, and in a host of other newspapers, magazines, and journals. Each and every day Xulon receives orders from retailers including, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Family Christian Stores, and hundreds of independent bookstores and churches. For additional information on Xulon authors, be sure to check out the recent Author Press Releases.

Our expert staff has more than 150 years' combined experience in the Christian book publishing industry. They are professional, courteous, and helpful. Xulon was recently awarded "Best Christian Workplace" in the largest survey ever conducted on the attitudes of employees at Christian workplaces, commissioned by Christianity Today magazine.

Xulon Press is the largest Christian Self-Publishing company owned and operated by Salem Communications. We have self-published over 10,000 Christian authors since 2001.

Xulon will even start on your book today and setup an interest free payment plan for you.  
Now offering $250 in Cash Prizes to Members who Participate! All Members (Including Free Silver Members) are Eligible to Enter!

Two books that are still in the Free Reads for Reviews program, even though they now have over 20 reviews on Amazon, are: God in the ICU and Who's your Father. Both are running almost 5 stars, too. We also have books by longtime members and excellent writers like Jack Taylor with his novel The Last Wave and Shann Hall's Tie My Shoe. Both were just added to the program. Your participation helps, encourages your fellow members, and plants good seeds for when you will need reviews.  
We are rewarding members who participate in this program
Starting January 1st and ending at midnight June 30th.

First Place: The member who reads and reviews the most books in the six month period will win $150.00. 
Second Place: There will be a drawing of names from all of the members who submitted reviews. The selected name will win $100. 

Each review you complete will enter your name into the drawing one time. Reading and reviewing more books in the Free Reads for Reviews program increases your chances. There is no limit to the number of times your name can be entered.

For complete information, go HERE and click on the Special Incentive link for FaithWriters members.

You'll find books on several Christian subjects, as well as books that will help you improve as a Christian writer. There are even children's books, too. For those short on time, there are several quick and easy reads. You can find these and more here:

The 2014 Page Turner Contest is open!

Calling all non-fiction writers! The eighth annual Page Turner Contest is now open for submissions! All that’s required is the first chapter of your completed or just-started non-fiction manuscript, along with a synopsis of the entire book. This could be just what you need to spur you on to fulfilling that dream of being a publishing author! You have plenty of time to enter, but now is a great time to start brainstorming, plotting, and outlining. Deadline is October 31st, 2014. Winners will be announced in December.

First Prize: $800 cash, editing of your entire manuscript, and more!
For complete guidelines, visit the official contest page: PAGE TURNER

Second Year Testimony Contest is Open

If your entry did not make it into the first issue, here is another chance for fifty additional writers to be published and impact this world for Jesus. You must be at least a Gold member to submit. Learn more -
FaithWriters Magazine 
The March issue is out today, with twelve great articles from FaithWriters members.
Christian Fiction Contest is Open

1) PLATINUM MEMBER CONTEST – Fiction entries with a sound biblical message

If you have completed or have an idea for a fiction manuscript with a sound underlying Biblical message, this contest is for you. Simply submit at least the first chapter by November 30, 2014. One entry will be selected, and the winner will receive a Xulon publishing package.
More FaithWriters News 

Discounts on Xulon Publishing Packages

Thinking about self-publishing that book you finished? FaithWriters members receive a discount Xulon publishing packages, with up to a 10% discount off their current lowest advertised price. Xulon also offers an interest-free payment plan and they will start working on your book right away. Go here and learn more -

FaithWriters Conference 

Unfortunately we did not receive enough interest to proceed with the 2014 Conference in Chicago. 

Free Reprint Article Use Increase

We have recently noticed a marked increase in the number of free reprint articles being published. The majority of the users are churches and Christian websites. We believe much of this increased use is coming from our Great Multitude Bible Devotional that is posted daily on thousands of sites.

More Constructive Reviews on Challenge Submissions to Help You

In an effort to help other members with their writing, several longtime active members have initiated a program to make sure Challenge submissions receive more constructive reviews. When you submit your Challenge entries you will now see this message:

Important Notice
1) If you feel that the judges might have difficulty in determining if your entry is fiction or non-fiction, please list (fiction) or (non-fiction) after the body of your article. This only applies to articles where this might come into question and it will help the judges greatly.

2) If you would like Constructive Critiques (no guarantee) with the potential for (RED INK) corrective comments (ouch), copy and paste this after your article in the body box below:
I Welcome Constructive Red Ink Critiques

If you say nothing, you could still receive critiques, as the purpose of FaithWriters is to help writers grow. If you absolutely do not want critical critiques, copy and paste this after your article in the body box below:
Not Looking For Red Ink Critiques On This Piece

"I have a few, very few, trusted friends who will edit me with a scowl. Most people want you to feel good so they give you compliments about your writing, and these don’t help at all (except emotionally). Really, you need some grouches to edit your work." Philip Yancey in a FaithWriters interview.

Please make sure to note at the bottom of your submission if you would like Constructive Red Ink Critiques or not.

Critique Circle Improvements

We now have several editors cruising the Critique Circle looking to help members become the writer God has called them to be. If you have not submitted an article to the Circle, you should do so today. We have also added a Challenge genre so you can submit any Challenge articles that have already been judged. This is the safest place to put yourself out there and see what others think of your writing. Don't wait for feedback when you actually publish an article. Get it now and build a sound foundation as a writer. 

The Circle usually requires every participant to offer a critique to get a critique (two, three or more critiques per piece they submit). What a deal! Write one critique and get at least two (most likely more) on your piece. However, any upgraded member who is reading this message can get one free critique credit to try it out. Just email and ask "How can I get my free critique credit?" You will receive an email with the answer. 
Challenge Book Release - Mixed Blessing Series

The first book in the Mixed Blessings series, containing top Challenge entries, will soon be released! Deb Porter of Breath of Fresh Air Press has already contacted you if you are included in this book. Deb handles the publication of these books and has now given a firm release date of the end of March. With Deb handling the publication, we are looking forward to a book that will be a step above past FaithWriters books. There has been a lot of talk about it on our FaceBook page. We are very excited for this release!

Become the Writer You are Called to Be
Make a Commitment to the Challenge

Many of us believe strongly that God has called us to write. The problem is that most of us struggle when it comes to writing for public consumption. We may have a great message for a book, but we lack confidence and/or knowledge in how to create a piece of material that will captivate the reader and get our message across. So we either never end up achieving our calling, or we release a less than excellent finished product.

Some of us could be compared to the guy who wanted to climb to the peak of the mountain, but failed to prepare. He just drove to the mountain and started climbing, with no training, supplies or proper equipment. Do you think that man would make it to the top? If so, how long do you think it would take? And how many obstacles and pitfalls would he encounter along the way?

The truth is, being a successful writer requires commitment and preparation. FaithWriters cannot directly get you to the top of your mountain, but the tools we provide can help prepare you for the climb. One of the best tools we offer is the Weekly Writing Challenge. We urge you to make it a point to enter the Challenge on a regular basis in 2014. We guarantee that if you make the commitment, your writing will improve and you will make great strides toward being the writer you are called to be.    

"I checked out several Christian sites, some were good and some were surprisingly poor, but FaithWriters was one that stood out, primarily because they were Christian writers who also were writing Christian material. I rarely ever pay to use a website, but I felt this one was well worth the small monthly investment, so I joined. So many things have blessed me there! The weekly challenge was a huge boost to me. The forums, articles, lessons, contests... this site has encouraged me in so many ways. There is no way I could be where I am on my journey today without FaithWriters. Kevin Ingram"

Don't Skimp on the Editing Hire a FaithWriters Approved Editor Today!

Jan Ackerson is one of several editors offering editing services. 

The Great Multitude Daily Bible Devotional for March 1st.

An Eye for Detail - by Sheldon Bass

“…We continually ask God to fill you with the knowledge of his will through all the wisdom and understanding that the Spirit gives.” (Col 1:9 NIV)

A December appointment with my optometrist became a humbling realization. I have two powder blue shirts exactly the same. I’d wore one of them Thanksgiving day and it was accidentally hung back in my closet with the clean clothes. With less than 20/20 vision, I slipped into the wrong one to wear to the eye doctor. When I saw the world through my new glasses I was amazed at all I’d been missing. My shirt was full of stains that I could not see before.

For a soul to completely understand the depravity and ugliness of sin, they must be viewing it from a righteous vantage point. When a person has been born of the Spirit and clothed in the perfect righteousness of Christ, what once appeared not-so-bad, is seen with stark clarity to be deeply egregious. Through the Spirit of wisdom, sin becomes nearly as detestable to the redeemed as it does to God. We begin to gravitate towards the light and away from sin and darkness, because our eyes have been refocused to recognize sin’s ugly corruptive nature.

Born again, we embark upon a love affair with God, and with righteousness. 

You and God. Two hearts beating as one.

Praise you Lord, for your grace. And for your wisdom lighting the way and guiding our feet on the narrow path home. We thank you for opening our eyes to hidden sin in our lives. And we praise you for the cleansing power of Jesus’ shed blood. Keep us in your light. And grant us your sensitivity to all ungodliness, amen.

Sheldon Bass, minister and writer.
Fishers of Men

FaithWriters is unique in it's dual purpose: We are writers and evangelists. On FaithWriters, you'll find fiction, non-fiction, poems, devotionals, Bible studies and other articles written from a Christian perspective; content you will not find on a site that is strictly evangelistic in nature. With so much variety, we receive many visitors who might not go to a traditional evangelism site. Many may not even be looking for Jesus, but Jesus still meets them when they visit. In our experience, God tends to find people where they are in their life. This may be while they are reading your article about marriage or divorce. It might happen when they read about struggles with sin or your fictional story. What we are saying is to keep on submitting your various pieces that could only be authored by you. You never know who will be touched and moved by your work.

Men and women from over 227 countries are drawn to the FaithWriters site by the various articles on the end of our virtual fishing pole. Many have no other way than the internet to find out about Jesus. They are able to learn a lot from our site and the sister-sites to which we have provided links. Many click on the sites we link to that offer in-depth information on Jesus because they are able to get more information in their native language.  

To date, at least 430 people have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior directly through FaithWriters. Plus, as mentioned, we refer many people to other sites to help answer their questions and accommodate their language. We know it is not about just about numbers. We also know that accepting Jesus and confessing Him is just where it starts. It is honor to consider the fact that God would use us in this way.

We contact every person who leaves an email address, and provide them with more information. Sometimes we correspond with them several times. We even offer to place them in contact with another believer (FaithWriters member) in their country.
Consider how much time people --- especially kids --- spend on the internet these days. Watch this two minute video on how Kimberly found God on the internet.

Thank You FaithWriters

Mike & Bea

Platinum Members are Eligible to Enter ALL Contests During the Year
Upgrade today and support FaithWriters 
At FaithWriters, we want to help you grow as a writer as we work together to spread the gospel. We really appreciate all of our members. However, the vast majority are free Silver members. Like any business, we have website overhead, employees, and other expenses. Please consider helping FaithWriters by UPGRADING to Platinum or UPGRADING to Gold. We promise to do all we can to give you a lot more than it costs. Another way you can help is by purchasing products through our Amazon links. They are found at the top of most site pages and are entitled Shop, Save, Support.  We thank you for your support. -- Mike & Bea and the FaithWriters staff
Great Reads is a New Feature
We are Committed to Promoting Your Writing
This newsletter Goes to thousands of members.
  This Months FaithWriters Great Reads Selection
 We have some excellent writers and many topics to choose from at FaithWriters. Bless your fellow members by reading one or more of their books occasionally. Just imagine how you would feel if they did the same for you. Many of these books have multiple five-star reviews on Amazon. Descriptions are unedited and taken from the Authors book page.

Books added to our bookstore in the last month.

Happy Graduation
Mitzi Young
Your Price: $2.99
my goal for this book is that every graduate in the USA. and International nations receive this book on graduation day to inspire and encourage them to know God's love for them. To know the whole duty of man. To have faith,hope, and dream. To know that they are created to need God.

Biblical studies

Dear Adversity
Brenda Emmons
Your Price: $8.95
A book written to encourage those going through difficult times and to share how to choose hope in Christ over despair.


Freedom in Dependence: 30 Days Closer to Christ
Julie Haynes
Your Price: $3.99
30 days of devotions to help you get real about this real life struggle of faith and draw closer to Christ. Simple, honest, Bible based devotions with reflections on faith, trust, accepting God's grace, activating your faith, pursuing God with passion, receiving Him in faith, and renewing your dedication to your Savior one day at a time.


A Boy Named Wish
Richard L. Provencher
Your Price: $9.45
A Boy Named Wish recounts the story of young Edward Wilson, who finds himself in foster care when his grandfather falls ill. A lesson in cautious optimism, Edward sometimes fears the worst but always hopes for the best...including the chance to be part of a real family.


Truth Denied - Church Deprived
Heywood Roberts
Your Price: $2.99

About the seven biggest deceptions in Christiandom?
About the motives behind your thoughts, actions?
About all Jesus taught and prophesied?
About the tongue-talkers?
If heaven or hell is our choice?!
If we are all children of God?


Marcia: Thoughts From My Mind
Marcia Harvey
Your Price: $6.99
MooreLove Ministries presents…Marcia: Thought s From My Mind. This is the last
book of the trilogy series. Thoughts From My Mind is a compilation of poems from Marcia’s
womanhood. It is about learning life’s lessons and discovering God’s immeasurable and
unconditional love, grace and mercy. It involves love, betrayal, heartbreak, disappointment,
pain, rejection, freedom, liberation, self‐discovery, and restoration. Read and enjoy being
rejuvenated by Thoughts From My Mind.…

Free Reads For Reviews

One Last Wave
Jack Taylor
Your Price: $6.99
One Last Wave explores life rediscovered when regret and disappointment shuts off our past. Remembering is a powerful tool in freeing us to move forward. Katie Delancey is an MK resurfacing to discover love and faith and hope one more time. Great scenes of Africa mix with complex life in America.

Trials and Triumphs
Michael Edwards
Authored by Forty FaithWriters Members and Free for a Review for a Limited Time.

All of us experience painful moments in life. Sometimes those moments turn into days, months, and even years. There are losses of all kinds—by death, divorce, betrayal, or maybe the loss of a job, health ....

Christians struggle with these same issues, and if you aren’t a Christian you may question this reality.Why do these Christians continually rely on this thing called faith; where is their God, and what’s the point?

If you are struggling with the pain of life, this book will comfort you because you are not alone. You may even realize you’re much better off than you thought. These pages will reveal precisely why these Bible-believing followers of Christ cling to their faith in spite of loss, devastation, and disappointments. Our plea is that you will honestly consider the stories in this book and give inspection to this Savior called Jesus.

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