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June 2014 

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FaithWriters for Kids recently held a homograph writing contest. It was open to any kids ages seven to fifteen. They had thirty days to write and perfect a 150- to 750-word story on one set of the following homographs: Spring (noun)/ Spring (verb); Wind (noun)/wind (verb); Lead (noun)/ lead (verb); Bow (noun)/bow (verb).

We had many wonderful entries and were so delighted with the depth and talent of these young writers. In first place, winning $25, was nine-year-old Owen Malcolm with his story, "The King's Journey." Owen is the son of FaithWriter's member Rachel and her husband, Kevin.

In second place, winning $15, was a ten-year-old writer with the pen name of Zielle with her entry "Lazarus' Bow."

Winning $10 and a third place ribbon was fourteen-year-old Emma Forbes for her story, "Helping Alexa."

All of the stories were a delight to read and each writer did a great job incorporating the topic words in their pieces. Below is Owen's story.

The King's Journey

Using the theme of the homographs lead/lead

By nine-year-old Owen Malcolm

It was morning. Tommy got up and ran downstairs for a story from his grandpa. Tommy sat on the couch next to the pile of boxes in the corner. “Can you tell me a story?”

“Yes,” said Grandpa. “Long ago there was a king....”

The king paced the floor. He was talking to a man. “Do you know who the most trusted man in the kingdom is?”

“ Yes,” the man said. “The mayor says I am.”

“Oh, I did not know that.”

“Well, what do you want with me?”

“I need you to lead me to the lead forest.”

“The lead forest is the most dangerous place in the world!”

“Yes. The next kingdom over there is threatening me. They say if I do not go to the lead forest and get a key somewhere in the forest, they would burn this kingdom to the ground.”

“But there must be someone else.”

“No, there is not.”

The next morning they got ready. They got twenty soldiers and twenty-two horses. They set off. Soon they came to the forest. The trees were lead. The leaves were too. They went up to it. There was a path. They went in. As soon as everyone was in... whap!

One of the men yelled, “The path behind us its closing up!”

Most of them ran back to the closing path and were never seen again.

As the remnant went on (ten solders, the king, and the trusted man), they saw traps set and caves and tunnels leading who knows where. Then finally there was just dark. Soon they came to a cave that was light. They saw a fire and a key.

“The key,” the king said.

But there was a rumble and a raspy voice said, “The key comes with a price—a fight.” The words of the dragon seemed to burn into their minds.

The king stood firm. “Draw your swords, men. Fight with the power of God.” Most died that day. The ones left were the king, three sword men, and the trusted man. It was sad but they had won, but not without the power of God.

When the dragon was dead, the king grabbed the key and started back. When they came to where the path was blocked, they were confused about what to do

Then the king thought and thought and finally said, “I've got it.”

He took the key and found a keyhole in a tree and unlocked it. The trees flew out of the way. They went on and returned to the kingdom, but before they got there, they thanked God for what He had done.

The people gathered when they got home.... ”Three cheers for the king! Hip-hip-horray!” They had restored peace.

“Now that's the end,” said Tommy's grandpa, “but I have something to show you.” He reached for his cane and wobbled over to the corner and got out a box. Bringing it back, he opened it. “Now this is the very key that the king got. I am the trusted man. The king gave it to me.”

Tommy felt startled as he looked at the shining key.

Copyright 2014 Owen Malcolm

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When Life Feels Like a Gamble  - by Abby Kelly

Psalm 16:5-6 “The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. The lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; indeed, I have a beautiful inheritance.”

“I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world.” Albert Einstein

Though believers in Christ know the truth that God is in control; we cannot help but often feel as if our lives are as unpredictable as a game of dice. I am married to a military officer. Our life could hardly get less predictable. The location of assignments, the length of deployments—sometimes the Army plays its cards close to the vest. Or, take my dear friend’s life. Everyday is a waiting game, a baited breath, a prayer that her husband keeps his job in the midst of ruthless layoffs. Then there is the little boy I met at the hospital yesterday. I could see in his mother’s eyes that the slow and painful chemo feels like a die, violently tossed and refusing to settle. What will the outcome be?

Psalm 16:5-6 brings an extra measure of comfort to those days when I’m so confused, tired or bewildered that I don’t know what to pray. God knows that our lives often feel like a gamble. But He promises in His Word that He holds our lot. The lines (otherwise translated as “lot” from the Hebrew) fall in pleasant places for those who love God and are called to His purpose. We can trust and be thankful because God has qualified us to share in a beautiful, heavenly inheritance with the saints in light (Colossians 1:12).

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FaithWriters is unique in its dual purpose: We are writers and evangelists. On, you'll find fiction, non-fiction, poems, devotionals, Bible studies and other articles written from a Christian perspective; content you will not find on a site that is strictly evangelistic in nature, or on a general writing site. With so much variety, we receive many online visitors who might not go to a traditional evangelism site. Many may not even be looking for Jesus, but Jesus still meets them when they visit. In our experience, God tends to find people where they are in their life. This may be while they are reading your article about marriage or divorce. It might happen when they read about struggles with sin, or your fictional story. What we are saying is to keep on submitting your various pieces that could only be authored by you. You never know who will be touched and moved by your work.

Men and women from over 227 countries are drawn to the FaithWriters site by the various articles on the end of our virtual fishing pole. Many have no other way than the internet to find out about Jesus. They are able to learn a lot from our site and the sister-sites to which we have provided links. Many click on the sites we link to that offer in-depth information on Jesus because they are able to get more information in their native language.

Hundreds of readers have accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior directly through FaithWriters. Plus, as mentioned, we refer many people to other sites to help answer their questions and accommodate their language. We know it is not about just about numbers. We also know that accepting Jesus and confessing Him is just where it starts. It is honor to consider the fact that God would use us in this way.

We contact every person who leaves an email address, and provide them with more information. Sometimes we correspond with them several times. We even offer to place them in contact with another believer (FaithWriters member) in their country. Consider how much time people --- especially kids --- spend on the internet these days. Watch this two minute video on how Kimberly found God on the internet.

Here is one unedited message we received this past month from a person who accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior:

"Me and my husband did gave our life to Jesus Christ. Its been some years now me and went back to Church. Me and my husband had back side back in to the world. Me and my family need pray. Me and my family is Strggling to get money get a house and pick money up for our daughter" No Name Left but God knows who this family is and we can pray for them.

Thank You, FaithWriters

Mike & Bea

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"The Bottom Line was launched on March 1, 2014. We are a website that writes Christian articles. We also provide salvation assistance and handle prayer requests. Since our launch, we have grown to a family of twelve writers; with ten of those writers being members of Faithwriters. In two and a half months time, our team has published over 350 articles. We have also expanded into TBL Ministries, which focuses on outreach and fellowship, and we are getting ready to expand to a third site, which will be a Bible question and answer site that will give our readers more of a chance to interact with our writing team. Without Faithwriters, it would have been very unlikely to have compiled such a highly talented team of writers. Thank you for what you provide and God bless." Joel B. from The Bottom Line Ministries

Thanks for your ministry and for all that you do. My Daily Armor wouldn’t be able to do what we do without you and your wonderful writers. Blessings To You And You Family, Scott Goldbach,CEO-Founder My Daily Armor Ministries

Many writers are also being published in the online magazine The Sentimental Christian Weekly

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Biblical studies

LEGACY: Crafting Your Childs Future With Words
Tonja Taylor
Your Price: $7.77
As a believer, you are a king and a priest--and your word is power (Ecc. 8:4). What you say over and to your children powerfully impacts their lives, for good or bad. ALL proceeds from this book go to the American Bible Society project for Bibles for China!
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12 Titanic Lessons for Christians
Charles Hagan
Your Price: $4.95
12 Titanic Lessons for Christians is a rather clever guide in which the author uses historic facts concerning the sinking of the Titanic as parallels to biblical exhortations pertinent to 20th Century Christians.
The book is entertaining, accurate, educational and extremely uses for all Christians


Mountain of Truth
Dr. Michael Cochran
Your Price: $5.99
Dr. Michael teaches a useful, practical understanding of God’s Word and of His Will that is not only refreshing but actually helpful in real life situations where a person fails or succeeds as a child of God in this world!


The Route
Jennifer R. Hamner
Your Price: $9.99
John returns home from the war to resume his former job as a mail carrier. Along his new route in the country he meets new friends, falls in love and reconnects with God in a powerful and supernatural way.

Vietnam Redemption...Full Circle
Joe Baginski
Your Price: $4.95
In the telling of the Vietnam Redemption...Full Circle story, Joe takes the reader into his experiences of war and introduces Vietnamese characters who reveal their own injured souls and the personal experiences that caused them. He walks us through the biblical healing process to the soul.
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Available in more formats from:


Prayers from A to Z
Barbara Caldwell
Your Price: $10.31
Barbara Caldwell is the author of 30 Days to Spiritual Enrichment. She earned an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies fromGrace Bible College in Morrisville, North, Carolina (non-traditional). She is a former student of Virginia Union University, in Richmond, Virginia.

Free Reads For Reviews

Raised In His Ways
Mary Annthipie Bane
Your Price: $1.99
Raised in His Ways in written to outline the importance of teaching Christian values in the early childhood education preschool years.

David's Ocean Journey
john miller
Your Price: $2.99
Join David on the adventure of a lifetime as he flies about the lake near his home and meets his friend Alexander, an angel. They enjoy flying together around the lake and then Alexander takes him for his first visit to the ocean.

David hears a mysterious song coming from the sea that captivates

The New Sons of Thunder
Gerard Lee
Your Price: $2.99
A Christian themed comedy/adventure in graphic novel form. Two young princes are chosen by God to travel throughout the ages and across the lands as heralds of the Messiah. Unfortunately, they are not very good at it....

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